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Tel Aviv Promenade (Tel Aviv’s Tayelet)

Tel Aviv esplanade, known as Tayelet in the Hebrew language, cut across the Mediterranean seashore of Tel Aviv, stretching from the old Jaffa to the port of Tel Aviv. There are hotels, restaurants and bars on the inshore of the esplanade. And you will find a long piece of wide beaches on the opposite side.
Tel Aviv promenade was renovated and modified in the 2000s though, the esplanade has been around since the 1930s. The renovation did not cover an outright modification of the 2.5km-long promenade. The Tayelet now has two unique stages of open space that are beautiful. The top stage is for pedestrians, skaters and bikers while the lower is a combination of bamboo decking and seats well-arranged and inclined downward to the sea sand.


Experience the Tel Aviv Beachfront

It doesn’t matter if you’re walking, blading or cycling onward the Tayelet, the suiting experience of the pleasant Tel Aviv atmosphere is always enjoyable. The sunshine will always smile at you and surround you with the fresh breathe of salty air. While walking through the shoreline, your ears will enjoy the rhythm of good music oozing from the bars, you can look around the seashore and see a lot of people who are relaxing, some working out while others may be playing the local beach paddle-ball game (Matkot). Either you’re there just to eat something or for a walkout or just to enjoy the cool sea breeze, you will pass through the Tel Aviv Tayelet. It is seamless to walk or ride a bike from Tel Aviv Port which is on the north side of the promenade to Jaffa which is on the south.


The Early Years of Tel Aviv Tayelet

The Tel Aviv esplanade was built in the 1930s during the era when the United Nation appointed the British as the administrators of Palestine. The shoreline was a well-known recreation center for a while. Unfortunately, the beaches were shut down due to the Second World War. Though they were reopened, they were closed again because of the direct disposal of sewage into the sea. The shore soon turned to an infamous area that people no longer want to visit. Hence, the complete closure of the Jaffa and Tel Aviv ports in the 1960s. The promenade that expands through the two ports lost its face and essence which it was known for. In the 80s, there was a rechanneling of the city’s sewage to a treatment plant. Afterwards, the beaches were tidied up and restored. There were constructions of embankment and expansion of the esplanade. The Tayelet’s came into the limelight in the early 2000s and the granulite surface and unattractive gazebos made it look outdated, Hence, the need for renovation.


Rebirth of Tel Aviv Promenade

In the early 2000s, Tel Aviv municipality funded a large portion of the renovations of the esplanade. By the year 2018, the renovations were perfected. The design of the promenade was done such that the materials used were favorable to the ecology. In order to have a minimal environmental effect that may arise from the project, bamboo woodwork and bamboo decking were used while some construction elements were reused. The construction was based on curves, circles and wave-like designs which makes it more attractive than the outdated straight-line style. The paving has a ripple or curly pattern. This presents the Tayelet as an image or look-alike of the sea wave. There are several seating alternatives to choose from either on the beaches, stairs and terraced sitting platforms. The esplanade is made reachable for strollers and wheelchairs such that no one is deprived of the fun and pleasant moment.


Tel Aviv Promenade Today

At this present time, the Tel Aviv esplanade is filled with hotels, boutiques, cafes and bars. Visitors can navigate between the stores and marketplaces within the esplanade and then to the beach effortlessly. The Tayelet is the place of union between the city and the sea. Hence, Tel Avis became an urban place and a beach tourism center in the city. The esplanade is just a stroll from the Tel Aviv Port which is now decorated with fine eateries and entertainment spots, is also the favorite market for the farmers—a beautified version of the Old Jaffa Port. Charles Garden which is the spot for flea markets, festivals and other recreations is located at the extreme of the esplanade.


Visiting Tel Aviv Tayelet

The steps which allows seamless access to the beaches by connecting the esplanade to the sand is one of the biggest improvements to the Tayelet. The promenade is filled with game courts, sports facilities, playgrounds and several recreations. Along the Tayelet lies lots of amazing public artworks. The esplanade consists of 13 beaches and each one is exclusively special. Each of the beaches renders several services which include beach restaurants, lifeguards, volleyball courts, playgrounds, outdoor gyms and water sports. You will always find buskers, lovebirds and families that are having a nice time on the Tel Aviv Tayelet while some are walking out. You will also see the elderlies playing backgammon and the younger visitors ones taking selfies from every spot.

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