Israel and Jordan Tour Packages

From your hotel you will be taken to the border where you cross from Eilat to Jordan and then you will travel the scenic ‘desert way’ to Petra, entering through the narrow Siq to explore the magnificent sites carved into the red mountain.

Tours of Israel & Jordan
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Christian Holy Land and Jordan Tour 11 Days 09/04/2020 USD $2,090 BOOK NOW
Christian Heritage of the Holy Land and Petra Tour 9 Days 16/04/2020 USD $2,030 BOOK NOW
The Highlights of the Jewish State and Petra Trip 15 Days 23/04/2020 USD $2,800 BOOK NOW
Israel and Jordan Tour Package - 11 Day 11 Days 05/04/2020 USD $1,940 BOOK NOW
Best of Israel and Petra Tour Package 9 Days 12/04/2020 USD $1,940 BOOK NOW
Jordan Trip Experience - 3 Days 3 Days 05/04/2020 USD $660 BOOK NOW