Ramat Gan Safari Park Zoo - Tel Aviv

The Ramat Gan Safari Park is not only a zoo for the entertainment of the visitors but it also serves as a home for many animal species of the Middle East. It resembles the African Safari Park in its arrangement in a 250 acre. African Safari Park is known for the way they treat their animals and visitors. Animals living there are free to wander all over the park and their visitors can have an excellent safari experience.

Zoo and the Africa Safari Park is a house to more than 1,600 groups of animals which comprises 68 types of mammals, 130 types of fowl, and 25 types of reptiles. The Park is significant because of its association with many international ventures throughout the Middle East and farther than that as well.


Visiting the Ramat Gan Safari Park:

You can fully enjoy and discover Ramat Gan Safari Park in your own car or by uniting with a tour, the choice is all yours.  

The ticket price per person is of NIS 74 (As of Jan 2020) but you can avail of their discount if you are a student, Tel Aviv local, handicapped, soldier. You can know more about Ramat Gan Safari Park on its official website. 


Guidelines to the visit to Ramat Gan Safari Park:

The Ramat Gan Safari Park is even less than five miles apart from the center of the city Tel Aviv.  

If you are heading towards it from Tel Aviv, move to the south and out of the city on Road 20 (Ayalon Freeway) ongoing through the Road 1 (toward Jerusalem and Ben Gurion Airport). then passage the interchange Kibbutz Galuyot which will continue for 2/3 miles long before touching the Ganot interchange, head to the north on the Road 4.Keep on the north for a bit and after you pass the first interchange, you will get the entrance on your left side.

But if you are moving from the Jerusalem side then move towards the city Tel Aviv keeping on the Road 1 and leaving behind the interchange Ganot, move to the north on Road 4. Keep on the north for a bit and after you pass the first interchange, you will get the entrance on your left side.

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