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Hula Valley

The Hula Valley lives up to its hype and is even more beautiful than most reviews describe it. Located in the remote north of the Upper Galilee region in Israel, the valley holds a lot of mystic memories, historic and of miracles. A highlight of nature, the strategic position of the Hula Valley, along the Syrian – African Rift Valley–an important migration route for birds–makes it a prime station site for birds migrating to Africa and Asia from Europe. The significant amount of birds stopping by this valley, also makes it a top destination for bird watching in Israel. The Hula Valley and the adjoining Nature Reserve allows for a considerable range of activities from hiking, biking, and bird watching. For nature lovers, the beautiful scenery is soothing to the soul.

The area that is the Hula valley today was a swamp, filled by the Lake Hula and was a breeding ground for malaria-carrying mosquitoes until the 1950s when it was emptied. The draining of this swamp allowed for agricultural activities and settlement to occur in the surrounding marshland while the central area was preserved as the Hula Valley Nature Reserve, to give its visitors an experience of the valley’s ecosystem. The nature park is open throughout the year to its visitors, and an amazing place to visit for relaxation, even outside the reserve, there’s more to see.

Agmon HaHula

At the outset of the 1990s, an area of the valley became waterlogged due to the torrential rainfalls. Rather than drain this new wetland, it was left to accumulate water and the adjoining areas were developed. This new site, called Agmon HaHula, has become a haven for flocks of transmigrating birds during the autumn and spring as they travel through the area. The area is also home to many aboriginal birds and has made the site a popular spot for bird-watchers, Israeli, or foreigners. The biodiversity of birds within the nature reserve is very pronounced with over 200 species of birds including cranes, storks, pelicans, cormorants, and egrets living here because of the food availability within the area. The reserve is also habitat to rare aquatic plants like the yellow flag, paper reed, and white water-lily. Water buffalos graze on the pasture in specific areas within the reserve to maintain the grassland environment. Some extinct wildlife species like the white-tailed eagle, have been re-bred here to preserve them.

The Agmon HaHula is crisscrossed by walking paths, many observation points, and telescopes for bird-watchers to view the native and migrating birds occupying the Valley. Tourists can choose to explore the valley with a tour guide, who’ll help with the identification and details of the birds living in the Valley.

The Hula Valley lies along the African Rift Valley, also called the Northern Great Rift Valley stretching as far as Mozambique in Africa on the south. Birders from all over the world visit this site to watch birds living in the valley, while exploring the other facilities in the area like the walking paths, observation points, and telescopes.

Throughout Israel, there are only a few sites with water bodies that can rival the Hula Valley in beauty. It boasts of exquisite springs like Ein Tina, the Jakhula, and overflowing rivers such as the Dan, Snir, Jermon, and the River Jordan. Because of the water bodies occupying the region, the scenery is lush and flourishing, and there are many nature reserves such as Ha Tanur, Tel Dan, and the Banias, popular for its waterfall.

In the area

The plain landscape of the valley makes it suitable for exploring leisure activities including hiking and cycling rides. Visitors to the Hula Valley can also take kayaks across the River Jordan to relax in the summer heat.

It is also a great spot for sightseers, because of the archeological sites like Tel Hatzor, tourist locations like the Tel Hai Photography Museum, and historical sites like the Tel Hai Compound. The Hula Valley also offers entertainment facilities like the Manara Cliffs and cable cars for kids and families.

Every region and city in Israel boasts of amazing landscapes and tourist attractions, but the Hula Valley ranks amongst the best. Visit the region to enjoy man-made beauty at its finest.

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