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Herzliya Sites and Attractions

Herzliya is known for its expensive real estate, renowned residents and well-preserved beaches. This is a cultural, historical region, and supposedly Herzliya has all the well-groomed beaches that locals visited all year round, who were well prepared and tasted the good life. Herzliya Marina is designed as a luxury shopping center and is often mistaken for cultural and historical fabrics. Digging deeper, however, this port city offers excellent sailing and maritime communities. The bustling harbor is home to over 800 yachts and boats. There are also historic ancient sites and an outstanding contemporary museum. Art. To find more exclusive sites across the country, check out what to do in Israel, or visit the best art galleries in Israel for art lovers looking for more contemporary art outside of Herzliya.

Apollonia National Park and Beach

A walk along the beaches of Apollonia opens up views of ancient ruins and the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. With extensive hiking trails and stunning views of the coastal cliffs, this beach is the perfect getaway just minutes from Tel Aviv. Enjoy a fun day out with your family, or take a romantic sunset stroll. Apollonia National Park ensures that you live like the kings and queens who once ruled this ancient coastal gem.

Herzliya Park

Herzliya Park covers over 180 hectares and offers a large lawn, barbecue area, natural stage and amphitheater, as well as natural winter lakes and ponds. The focus is on preserving and enhancing the environment, as well as public recreation and sports. There are hiking trails, 1200m bike paths leading to other bike paths in the area, mountain bike trails and special 1km trails for joggers. Playgrounds suitable for both children and children are unique in every Israeli architectural project and plan. Attractions include an 8-meter slide and cable-stayed bridge.

Sydney Alley Beach

With various caves, soft dusty sand and a small fishing community at the northern end of the beach, this oasis is a peaceful and romantic getaway in the center of Israel. Sydney Alley Beach is not only for those looking to relax, it is the perfect destination for those looking to fish. If you want to relax close to all the activities, this beach is the perfect solution.

The Arena Mall

located in the port of Herzliya, right on the seafront, is inspired by Italian streets and squares. Relax in the water and dive into over 100 shops including fashion chains, jewelry, sportswear, footwear and more.

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