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Tel Aviv’s White City

The largest collection of buildings constructed in the Bauhaus style is located in Tel Aviv. Fondly known as the White City, it is a beautiful collection of architectural marvels that were collectively recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003. The White City was built in the 1920’s and 1930’s by German immigrants. Today, many of them have been restored to their former glory and are an unmissable tourist attraction. Travelers are encouraged to visit this complex that is surrounded by Allenby Street in the South, Yarkon River in the North as well as Begin Road and Ibn Gvirol Streets in the East. With each Bauhaus building decorated in a pure white color, the White City will steal your heart.

Throughout the 1920’s and 1930’s, a sizable group of Jewish architects who had received instruction in Europe settled in Tel Aviv. They desired to re-establish the “cafe culture” of Europe in the sweltering climate of Israel. As such, the architects created a brand new architectural style that was simple, functional and asymmetric. It was a modernistic method of construction that met their aesthetic and lifestyle needs. The flat roofs, building pillars and thermometer windows that characterize the White City are now popular all over Tel Aviv.

Over the past two decades, the White City has been restored meticulously. Over time, it has become a fun, trendy and cool district in the city. The ambience is vibrant and you’ll find boutiques, cafes and restaurants lining the streets of Israel’s White City.

Within this district, you can find Rothschild Boulevard. It was actually one of the very first streets in the White City to be designated as a space for the public because it features a pathway, central garden and kiosks. The boulevard is a fantastic place for you to see and be seen. The Rothschild Boulevard is excellent for taking a stroll amongst the classic Bauhaus style buildings and the modern glass skyscrapers as well.

If you desire a cool drink, there are kiosks in the middle of the boulevard. If you desire to have some coffee, the Espresso Bar Kiosk will satisfy your needs. For delicious fruit juices, look no further than the Juice Bar. Light snacks and sandwiches are always in stock for you at the contemporary Take Away on Rothschild. Art lovers can also check out the numerous galleries along the Boulevard.

The White City is also home to another attraction known as Sheinkin Street. Many Israelis regard this street as a wholesome symbol of Tel Aviv. Strolling along Sheinkin Street will reveal cafes, ancient boutiques and eclectic locals. The chain stores here exhibit an open-minded design as well.

While traveling in Tel Aviv, the White City is definitely worth your attention. You can admire the architecture, warm atmosphere and fantastic culinary delights. Due to these features, the White City is always a must-visit for tourists in Israel!

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