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Places to Visit in the Western Galilee

The Western Galilee is a region located in northwestern Israel. The small region comprises the Mediterranean Haifa, Coast north and stretches remotely to the Upper Galilee. Out of Haifa, the region gets further rural when it stretches along the coast, over the old Akko Crusader city to the most stretched parts of the northern coastline that features the most deserted and serene bays. The region’s hills stretch inland, great leisure, interesting archaeology monuments, and exciting scenery.

Take a look at some exciting places to visit in Western Galilee:

The Ancient City of Akko

UNESCO acknowledges this city as an international Heritage Site. The Crusader port city has a maze of alleyways, which gives a great experience more than several archaeological sites. The city’s museums sit along the cultural Arab shuk, and the major experience in the museum is taking a walk between an exciting set of activities.

Rosh HaNikra

Rosh HaNikra is another significant place to see in the small region of Western Galilee. This place is popular for its grottoes in the far north on Israel’s Mediterranean coastline. It features a range of underground caves that have formed into an exciting tourist site. More so, it contains a walking trail that is accessed via a cable car, described as the world’s steepest.


Nahariya is fine, peaceful, and has dramatic features than famous tourist beaches. It contains great natural features like the Keshet Cave, also known as the ‘Rainbow Cave’ and the exciting landscapes. It comprises a sparsely populated setting along with few towns and farming societies living in the hillsides. Nahariya is uniquely green and breathtaking.


The main feature of Western Galilee’s attraction is tranquility.

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