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Best Places to Visit in Jordan

A trip to Jordan is a great start and a dream come true if you wish to explore the essence of the Middle East. This travel destination houses wonderful archaeological sites, one being the world’s wonder, is a secure and friendly place for tourists from around the globe. Jordan offers a rich culture and is known for its hospitability. Unburden yourself and indulge yourself in the peaceful environment of this country.

Plenty of UNESCO World Heritage Sites are located in Jordan. Visit the 1300 year old historical castle and admire he splendid murals with in. Next on, enjoy the views of the beautiful desert of Wadi Rum, well known for sand dunes and sandstone. Petra, the star destination takes the lead and you can easily explore it in 2 days. Another place is importance is the city of Nabatean where you will witness many breath-taking sites. Jordan has so much to offer which gives the eye enough joy.

You can find many shopping streets, restaurants loaded with scrumptious food and art galleries for art lovers in the capital city of Amman. Apart from the historical sites, another top-most destination is the Dead Sea where you can enjoy some relaxing time in one of many resorts after you have been traveling around in search of promising sights in Jordan.

Stay and we will guide you through the top sites to visit in Jordan. Happy Traveling!


Known to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Petra is one of its kind and captures the interest of many tourists. More than 200 years ago, Louis Burckhardt, a Swiss explorer rediscovered the ruins of Petra and since then, it is a hot tourist spot.

Exploring Petra is a great experience that you won’t regret as it holds around 800 listed sights which can be explored in a time span of more than 2 days.

As you enter Petra, the enormous Djinn Blocks can be sighted which seem to be mysterious stone shaped structures of unknown origin. Another historical landmark in Petra is the Obelisk Tomb. Petra has many other sites yet to be gazed upon.

Moving further you will come to Siq, a well-known and narrow canyon with huge walls. A passage used to draw water to Petra. Petra may have religious importance too as few niches are visible in the walls to hold sacred figures called ‘baetyls’. The statue of camels in Petra, used for trading is also not-tobe missed.

Al-Khazneh, the treasury of Petra is the next site you need to visit in Petra. You have surely seen it in either a book or a movie or any magazine. The classical structure of the treasury makes it a place, worthy of a visit. This ancient structure was carved out as the tomb for Aretas IV, a Nabatean King and some believe it to be the place where an Egyptian Pharaoh’s treasure was hidden.

There are many other monumental tombs and houses on the Street of

Facades that you can explore after the tour to Siq and the Treasury. The High Palace of Sacrifice in Petra is a well-preserved site that is accessible to the tourists. Get a glimpse of the ruins of the Theatre in Petra and later get a view of the Colonnaded Street, just downhill from the theatre.

Safe some energy to climb up 850 steps to Petra’s Monastery. An ancient carved structure, which you will admire once you get up there.

Petra is worth visiting in day as well as at night. After you have enjoyed all the sites buy your tickets to the Petra Night Show to get a wonderful sight of the Siq and Treasury that is all lightened up with candles at night.


Wadi Rum also known as Valley of the Moon, located in the southern region of Jordan offers divine scenic views. This valley is famous for its arches, sand dunes, massive cliffs, and granite rock. If you are a movie fan you would have already guessed that Lawrence of Arabia was shot here in 1962 and in 2011 Wadi Rum was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The inhabitants of Wadi Rum, Zalabia Bedouin have turned Wadi Rum into a wonderful place of tourism. Here, you can enjoy activities like camel riding, or hop on the horses. Go trekking and climb up to the cliffs and huge sandstone. You can join ATV Tours and have more fun in Wadi rum.

Make you way to the Khazali Canyon during your tour to see the inscriptions and rock carvings dating back to 8th Century BC.

If you love camping, do make a night stay at glamping, one of the comfy camping sites of Wadi Rum. The darkness and purity of the night makes the stay not only comforting but gives a wide view of the starry sky. Wadi Rum is surely a place full of adventures.


Dead Sea, the lowest body of water on Earth (418 m below sea level) catches the interest of many people. With a rocky landscape in the sights, people love to floating experience in the Dead Sea. With many shades of blue this lake with salty crystals is a stunning sight and an experience you need to have once in a lifetime. There are many other unique attractions in the region of Dead Sea. An hour drive from the city of Amman will take you to the attractions where you can explore nature.

According to medical studies Dead Sea is known to hold therapeutic properties that can cure skin issues due to high presence of minerals. No matter how much you try to swim in to it, the high salt quantity would make you float on the surface.

Amman beach is one of the entry points to the Dead Sea. A great option is to pamper yourself and stay at one of the resorts on Dead Sea’s coast. While you’re at the resort make sure to ask for the brown mud of Dead Sea, plunge into it resulting into a smoother and softer skin.

Pro tip: The high quantity of Salt content may irritate your eyes if Dead Sea water get into your eyes, be safe.

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