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How to Tour Israel and Jordan

Are you contemplating a vacation in Isreal and Jordan anytime soon or later? Just schedule the visit already. Also, get ready for a fascinating experience of a lifetime. Whether your visit is for a few days or more, there is an abundance of historical monuments and sightseeing sites in each country to keep you busy throughout your stay. Better still, why not tour both countries? Israel boasts of some of the most revered holy sites, you’ll find worldwide. Jordan is a magnificent kingdom, the location of 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and a top destination for shooting Hollywood movies. If you’re worried about the stress of traversing both countries, it’s as seamless as you can get. Our guide provides every tip you’ll need to prepare for this trip and explore both countries.

Tours in Israel

Many significant holy sites and cultural monuments are located in Israel for a country slightly larger in size than New Jersey. At any time in the year, you’ll find adherents of the major religions–Jewish, Christianity, Islam, and Baha’i–in their hordes, trooping into the Holy Land for spiritual purposes. No matter how long your stay in Israel, you cannot exhaust the highlights the country has to offer, and almost always you’ll leave unsatisfied. To make the best of your holiday, get a reservation on a tour package– which is organized by the locals who have prior experience with these sites. Tour packages come in different options, from classic to pilgrimage and budget to VIP options, to suit each interest group and for varying comfort levels. Our guests at tour packages tour packages will receive hassle-free lodging, chauffeurs to and from the airport pick-ups and drop-offs at the sites of attraction, and every service in between. But, if you desire a personal tour, there are still packages for you to choose from. After you land at the Ben Gurion International Airport, you will choose a base–usually Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, especially if you want to partake in day tours. There are other alternatives too, allowing you to enjoy a blend of unrestricted adventure and guided tours. While in Israel, Bethlehem, Galilee, Jerusalem, Northern Coast, Masada, and the Dead Sea are prominent locations you may want to visit.

Tours in Jordan

Reaching Jordan from Israel is hassle-free and the journey is worth it. Most people traverse both countries by transiting through the Southern Wadi Arava border–also called Yitzhak Rabin crossing–that leads from Eilat, Israel to Aqaba, Jordan. When you reach Jordan, you may stop by Petra and Wadi Rum, before choosing whether to return to Israel or continue your exploration of Jordan. If you desire to tour the northern sites in Jordan, then you’ll travel further northwards and cross the northern border of the Jordan River to reach Amman, Jerah, and Madaba–prominent locations in Northern Jordan. From these Northern areas, you can travel down south to reach Petra and Wadi Rum – important tourist attractions, you must tick off your bucket list while in Jordan. It is most conducive to visit Jordan from Israel in a group tours. As part of a tour group, getting to the other side of the border is like plain sailing with systematic transfers and border assistance. So just sign up for an Israel and Jordan package for your utmost comfort.

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