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For a country with so little landmass, Israel possesses so much diversity. For proper context, a six-hour drive takes you from the North to South end of the country, and in some areas, only 20 minutes to move from East to the West end. However, Israel has built an international status as a choice tourist spot. This reputation is built on the special memories and impressions it leaves with its visitors, the resplendent landscape, and historical sites. The small size is also a blessing in disguise because it makes it easier to access the spots of attraction distributed across the country.

Every city in Israel is dotted with historical monuments and revered religious sites, from the holy city of Jerusalem–of spiritual significance to Jewish, Christianity, and Islam adherents–to the refreshing and vibrant Mediterranean city of Tel Aviv, within an hour apart. Israel is unique in comparison with other countries, it has the highest museum per capita measurement worldwide, and plenty of archeological monuments dating backs several millennia ago. Yet, this is not all that Israel has to offer…

Israel has virtually all attractions to cater for different interest groups. So, if you’re a swimming aficionado, there’s the Mediterranean Sea and for scuba divers, just visit the Red Sea in Eilat; Skiers can enjoy their sport on the Golan Heights, while others float in the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea. This doesn’t include the several bike paths, hiking trails that litter the landscape, and even an underwater museum in Caesarea, the first of its kind throughout the world. Whoever you are, Israel has something for you. Just book one tour from the variety of Israeli tour options, to explore these landmarks and guide you through a phenomenal country. The landscape through Israel is intriguing as it swings from a significantly aird Negev desert down south to the lush hills of Galilee up North. Why aren’t you booking a tour to Israel today?

Israel is a blend of antiquated and contemporary highlights in an interesting fashion, accommodating archeological monuments from millennia ago with towers and international cafeterias and lounges, while luxury hotels and a vibrant nightlife side by side with traditions spanning generations and history.

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