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Highlights of Israel, Petra & St Catherine’s Monastery Tour

Tour Overview

With the sightseeing tour Highlights of Israel & Petra & St Catherine’s Monastery Tour – 10 Days, you have a 10 day tour package taking you through Tel Aviv, Masada and the Dead Sea, Caesarea, Jerusalem, Nazareth, Golan Heights, Eilat, Petra and other awesome destinations.


When you arrive at the Tel Aviv airport, you don’t have to worry; a team member will wait for you and identify you by your name. After carrying out all the airport formalities with our accompaniment, you will also meet a person after Customs who will be your driver to take you to your lodging.

Prepare to enjoy:

  • A free afternoon in Tel Aviv.
  • Accommodation in Tel Aviv.
  • Beginning with a wonderful Monday morning, meet your tour guide and leave Tel Aviv, we’ll drive you to the south so you can get to know the cities of Ashdod and Ashkelon to Beersheba and on the same tour, visit the capital of Negev desert.
  • Following the same route, we’ll continue through Arad until we get to Masada; one of the most important touristic places in Israel.
  • Upon arrival in Masada, you’ll start the tour by cable car to have a deep visit and to get to know the rituals, politics, and culture of the people who live in this desert inside of the city. It was the last fortress of the Jewish fanatics in their war against the Romans.
  • After entering Masada, proceed to visit the excavations, Herod’s palaces, the synagogue, the bathhouse and the cisterns, all these are places of much antiquity which are preserved to this day. Get to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Roman camps and the Dead Sea.
  • Masada has even more to offer to its visitors. Visit the lowest place on earth: the Dead Sea; get to know the black mud rich in minerals and to float in its salty waters, take advantage and enjoy the sensations that this incredible place has to offer.
  • After the tour through Masada, continue through the oasis of Ein Gedi. Then through the Judean desert until you get to Jerusalem.
  • Finally, spend the night in Jerusalem.
  • For the second day, start by getting to know the Shrine of the book at the Museum in Israel, which has the famous Dead Sea scrolls. then continue visiting the incredibly renovated model of the Herodian city of Jerusalem, which dates back a long time to the time of the Second Temple.
  • You will also visit is Ein Karem; a charismatic village on the southwest outskirts of Jerusalem. This small town has great importance and significance in Christian traditions; as it is known and as tradition shows, John the Baptist was born in this city.
  • Then it is time to go to Yad Vashem. It is the official monument to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, established in 1953, located at the foot of Mount Hertzl.
  • continuing with Tuesday tour, we will take you to Bethlehem; which is one of the most important places to visit among all of Israel has. It is the birthplace of Jesus in the Nativity Church and Manger Square. A wonderful province full of memories and fascinating stories.
  • After the second tour day through Jerusalem, we will take you to to your hotel.
  • We already arrived to the middle of the week and this day’s tour is to the Old City of Jerusalem, where you will see the Wailing Wall and the reallocation of the Second Temple, the Temple Mount.
  • Continuing the tour through Jerusalem, you will walk along the Way Jesus Christ went through; the Via Dolorosa, to the Calvary and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. It is a way in which, according to the Holy Scriptures, Jesus Christ the Messiah walked, carrying the cross. This place houses both sites, the traditional in which he was crucified and the tomb of resurrection.
  • After that road, we will head southwest, just outside the Old City, to see Mount Zion, with the ancient tomb of King David and the Last Supper Room.
  • The Mount of Olives is another place we will take you to. From there you will enjoy the spectacular panoramic view of Jerusalem, the so-called holy city for each of the world’s three great religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.
  • Following the same route, another place full of history and memories that we will visit is the garden of Gethsemane where Judas betrayed Jesus.
  • Entering the city of Jerusalem, in the central region there is a neighborhood; you will go to Mahane Yehuda to meet and experience the flavors, the colors and the interaction among merchants, visitors and locals. It is the largest and most important open market in Israel.
  • Ending the tour on Wednesday is time for your to return to the hotel in Jerusalem.
  • Thursday’s tour begins in Jerusalem and heads north through Jericho, known as the oldest city in the world.
  • Continue your journey through the Jordan Valley and the new settlements until you arrive at Beit Shean. We will take you to see the excavations of this well-preserved Roman city.
  • After visiting the Jordan River, we will carry you to the city of Nazareth, to see the Annunciation Church and the Christian holy places.
  • You will Safed, city of Kabbalah and center of Jewish mysticism, meet the beautiful streets of the artists in Safed.
  • Ending Thursday’s tour, we will head to a kibbutz hotel in Galilee.
  • The weekend is approaching and for Friday there is an incredible tour. We will drive you to the Golan Heights passing through Banias, the source of the Jordan River and the ancient Syrian fortifications.
  • We will take you to experience the country with Israeli wine. in the region where the vineyards are surrounded by breathtaking views. Proceed to the collection of fine and rare wines enjoying the tour. Including wine tasting and an explanation of the wine production process.
  • If you still want to visit more places full of history, we will take you to the shore of the Sea of Galilee and then to Capernaum. After that, we’ll go seeing the ruins of the ancient synagogue, the Mount of Beatitudes, the traditional site of the “Sermon on the Mount” and Tabgha, and the famous and renowned place the “Miracle of Bread and Fish”.
  • Culminating the tour, it is time to sail in a boat across the Sea of Galilee to experience the tranquility and landscape accompanied by a sunset to close the day.
  • Finally, back to the kibbutz hotel for the night.
  • After a week full of fabulous tours through several touristic places, enjoy your delicious breakfast. We will drive you through the hills of Galilee to the west until you get to Acre (Akko) so you can see the famous antique medieval fortifications and the Presidium of the crusaders.
  • Then you will go with us to Haifa, ascending through the Carmel Mount, to have a panoramic view of the city. Including the Baha’i sanctuary, the garden and the Haifa bay.
  • After visiting the city of Haifa, you’ll fence along the Mediterranean coast until you find Cesarea. When you get there we will take you to the Roman Theatre and to the crusade fortress, which is known as the “Masterpiece of Herodes the Great”.
  • Continuing with our Saturday tour, we’ll take you to Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv and take a short flight to the Ramon airport with transportation to Eliat, so you can contemplate the wonderful view of the Red Sea.
  • After the Saturday tour, you will spend the night in Eliat.
  • Start your Sunday morning with another delicious breakfast. For today’s tour, you’ll leave Eilat, Israel and cross Jordan at the Arava border. We will continue through the Jordanian desert, and finally to Petra.
  • Once in Petra, we will enter the city through a narrow passage through the mountains that has inspired people for many years. As we enter Petra, you will get to appreciate the wonders shown by the structure. To the Treasure, which suddenly appears at the end of the gorge, leaving tourists impressed by its size, color, and beauty.
  • We’ll continue our tour by walking to the heart of this ancient and beautiful city carved into the mountains, passing hundreds of tombs and monuments full of history and a spectacular amphitheater, which once had 3,000 spectators.
  • After finishing the tour of Petra, we will take you out of the city to visit one of the sites in Wadi Musa for lunch, the new city of Petra, followed by a visit to Moses.
  • Finishing on Sunday, we will get you to Aqaba for a brief tour of the city, as it approaches time to return to the border with Arava and to take you back to your hotel in Eilat.
  • On Sunday you will spend the night in Eilat.
  • For the beginning of the week, a fabulous walk awaits you. the story tells that Moses traveled for 40 years with the children of Israel through this ancient desert, receiving the Ten Commandments on the way. Almost 2000 years later, a monastery was built around the Chapel of the Burning Bush. Since then, many tourists visit this wonderful historical place.
  • Continuing the tour and the desert panorama, we will head to the Sinai desert, to the south of Eilat in Taba, and walk by Pharaoh’s Island before driving. You’ll get to see the most amazing desert landscapes, Bedouin tents and villages.
  • After sighting the desert landscape, it is time for us to begin your journey back to Taba / Eilat. Making a stop at Nuweiba beach for lunch. Entering the afternoon, we will cross the border back to Eilat and head to Ramon Airport, Eilat, to take the flight back to Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv. At the end of the day, you will get to take a break from all the tours at your lodging in Tel Aviv.
  • Check out of the hotel following breakfast.
  • Transfer to Ben Gurion Airport for the flight home.
  • Goodbye to Israel! Hope to see you again on your next visit.

Additional Information


  • 9 nights accommodation on bed & breakfast basis
  • All entrance fees & attractions as per tour itinerary
  • Transportation in modern air-conditioned vehicles
  • Hand-picked expert tour guide


  • Porterage at airport
  • Tipping for guide, driver and hotel staff
  • Beverages with meals
  • Traveler’s medical/baggage insurance
  • Any item, product or service not specifically listed under “Inclusions”

Optional Extras:

  • Dinners
  • Pre & Post Tour Accommodation


  • The sequence of the tour, hotels used and sites visited may be amended due to circumstances
  • Passengers should arrange their own travel, luggage and health insurance
  • Click Tours Israel will not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury
  • Tours are conducted in English only
  • Booking is subject to terms and conditions
USD $2,308 / Per Person
10 Days

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