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Timna Park

Timna Park is a attraction that is located 25 km north from the city of Eilat in Israel. Located in the Negev Desert, the park has a beautiful desert setting and has historic and geologic importance. Displaying a horseshoe-shaped valley, which is surrounded by steep cliffs, the park covers about 15,000 acres. The park is notoriously famous for Mount Timna which was the world’s first ever copper mine.

The park is widely appreciated for its scenic landscape and geology that it has to offer to visitors. This includes Solomon’s Pillars which are towering columns in sandstone, they are the work of nature, which are known for being perfectly formed.

Timna Park is known for its variety of hiking trails, both short and long. While using these trails, visitors can see the amazing landscape, mines and the wildlife, plants and trees. The small lake also located here, has pedal boats which can be used and kids can participate in craft activities.

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