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Things To Do in Israel in the Summer

Summertime is one of the best periods to visit Israel especially if you keen on exploring the local culture. During this period, various events are happening throughout the country, from festivals to markets and other summer activities. Fun during summer rises with the sun in the morning and lasts through the afternoon’s heat into the warm evenings, entertainment is not in short supply. We have compiled some brilliant ideas on how to make the best out of the summer while in Israel.

Hit the beach!

Have you seen the beaches in Israel? If you a regular traveler, you can attest that they are up there among the most scenic beaches around the world. During the summer period, they are a hotspot for visitors and residents who want to get away from the hustle of the cities. Summertime in Tel Aviv beaches is play-time for beachgoers who fancy sunbathing, surf riders, and lovers of Israeli racquetball game. From the seasides of Alma, Nordau, and Hilton Beaches in Tel Aviv further down the Mediterranean Sea to the Beaches in Eilat, looking across the Red Sea, the sandy coasts are filled with people having the fun of their life. Before you step out to the beach, ensure that your sunscreen is with you. You don’t want to come back from a vacation, sunburnt. At any time of the day during the summer, spending some time on the beach is a wise decision.

Spend time in Nature

Another activity to spend your summertime on is visiting Green Parks and spending more time in outdoor arenas, both of which are abundant in Israel. Whether it is a visit to the nature reserve or a desert tour, the scenery is amazing. In Jerusalem, the Jerusalem Botanical gardens and the Wohl Rose Garden are sites to add to your bucket list. There are similar locations like the Ein Gedi nature reserve or the Ba’hai gardens in Haifa, great places to experience nature. Summer is also a great time to explore the aesthetically pleasing landscapes spread throughout the country. Visitors are advised to undertake hiking activities in the early morning hours so that they can complete the exercise before the parching sun reaches its peak radiance. Our tour to Masada and the Dead Sea, each day from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem avails visitors the opportunity to experience Israel in an unusual way.

Float in the Dead Sea

Can anyone claim to have visited Israel without stopping by the popular Dead Sea? Summer is accompanied by hotter weather conditions, hence visitors must make preparations for the heat and scorching sun during this period. There’s no panacea to the summer sun yet, but in the meantime, the Healing mud below the sea has skin nourishment potentials and a cozy float on the seawater is therapeutic, a great way to relax. The only place this spectacular experience is available is in Israel, so why hesitate about booking a tour with us? See our Dead Sea tours, leaving from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem daily.

Stay cool indoors (museums and malls)

If you’re looking beyond outdoor areas for places to enjoy your summer in Israel, we have options for you too. Israel has a rich amount of history behind them and what better place is there to explore this history than in museums. Presently, the record holder of the highest number of museums per capita worldwide, Israel boasts of over 200 museums that document centuries of contemporary art, history, philosophy, theology, and science. You can find museums in Tel Aviv or visit the popular ones in Jerusalem like the Yad Vashem or the Tower of David museum. After museums, another thing Israel has in an adequate measure are malls. So, if summer shopping is your preferred escape from the blazing sun, there are many of them including the TLV Fashion Mall–for luxury brands–and Kikar Hamedina. Visit any of the nearby markets for artifacts, souvenirs, and an opportunity to sample street food from the local food bistros, on a budget. Also, look out for any art exhibitions happening soon.

Summertime in Israel is an experience that is better witnessed than heard. So, why haven’t booked a tour with us today?

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