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Tel Jericho – Ancient Archaeological Mound

Located in the West Bank, the Mound of Jericho or Tel Jericho or Tel es-Sultan, er-Riha or is an archeological site around 2 km north of modern-day Jericho and 10 km north of the Dead Sea. From at least tenth thousand years BC, old city of Jericho is inhabited where the archeological unearthing of Tel Jericho occurred. The city grew up and expansion around the spring of Ain es-Sultan. This would have been the city of with a name of Jericho about which references are found in the Old Testament. Desertion of a layer of remains in the long run by successive settlements who occupied the sites helped in forming the hill of Jericho. The city of Jericho remained at the site of Tel es-Sultan until about the sixth century. It was in the sixth century that the Babylonians vanquished and crushed the city of Jericho. In later years the city was reconstructed 2 km toward the south and became to the modern-day Jericho.

Highlights of Ancient Jericho found at Tel Jericho

The Neolithic Tower goes back to around 8,000-7,000 BC which is also remembered as Pre-Pottery Neolithic A. The tower has the same diameter and height of 315 inches. The pinnacle was attached with a 157 inches-thick wall The Tower is situated on the eastern side of the city, most likely close to the city’s entryway. It has been widely considered that the pinnacle was home to the Biblical character Rehab-the whore. Anyway Kenyon finished up from her assessment of the site that the city was devastated in 1550 BC some time before Joshua showed up on the scene. Different specialists reasoned that every single Biblical reference to Jericho are conceivable and upheld by archeological discoveries.

The Revetment Wall (holding divider) redates to the Middle Bronze Age and was created to help the sides of the slope and put a stop to its breaking down. Topped with a mud brick wall, overall wall had a clean and artful work of Cyclopean stones. Regardless of the fact that Sellin and Watzinger first revealed the divider in 1907-13 it was the later explorations in 1997 that uncovered the southern part of the wall. There are evidences of archeological nature that the mud brick wall ruined naturally at some point or another. Experts date the obliteration of the wall to 1400 BC – which is the time of the notable Biblical story of Joshua, with some approximations, ruining the walls of Jericho down to the earth. It was the time when Joshua expended the city. When event of Joshua inflaming the city occurs in the last Canaanite city of Jericho, additional support of the Biblical record of events at Jericho reached in the form of former storage jars.

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