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Israel Shore Excursions from Haifa and Ashdod

It has become more common for tourists to embark on a voyage to Israel. The popular port destinations for these cruise boats are the Haifa and the Ashdod ports. The cruise boats calling at these ports usually spend only one night and on a few occasions, their stopover extends to two nights.

These boats that call at Israeli ports are usually on Mediterranean voyages, and their destination or stopover points are Mediterranean nations like Greece, Cyprus, and Egypt. Thus they are appropriate for tourists that are keen on learning and experiencing the history, archeology, and religious beliefs of ancient civilizations.

Most travelers visiting Israel on a cruise prefer inland tours. Our Israel cruise tours try to cover all the major tourist attractions in Israel and the popular choices for tourist are:

At the periphery of Galilean Province, in Northern Israel, you’ll find the Port of Haifa. The popular Bahai Gardens is located within this city, and the garden itself, is situated at the base of Mount Carmel and extends to the slope of the Mountain. From here, you can afford a towering view of the bay of Haifa, extending even onto the reclaimed German colony. Outside the boundaries of Haifa, there are plenty of sites of attraction that may require 1-2 hours of driving to reach them. There’s the Sea of Galilee, only an hour’s drive away from Haifa. The Sea is a prominent feature of the New Testament and holds many sites that are significant to Christians from churches to monasteries, the boats Jesus boarded to travel across the sea–and perform some of his famous miracles, including calming the storm–, and to the south of the sea, the baptism area on Jordan river. On the Eastside of the Sea of Galilee, there’s the Golan Heights, where you’ll see the awe-striking Gamla Nature Park and the ski resort at Mount Hermon, the only one of its kind in Israel. Towards the west, the Jezreel Valley otherwise called the Valley of the Armageddon is located. The Hula Valley is a top destination for bird-watchers while in the Galilee province, there’s a flurry of activities from cycling and hiking to paragliding and surfing. You’ll be blown away by the size of the archeological site at Beit Shean and the splendor of the conserved harbor at Caesarea, along the Mediterranean shore lying south of Haifa. Also, there’s the Alona Valley and towns of Binyamina and Zichron Yaakov, the center of Israel’s wine region.

On the southside of Isreal’s energetic and cosmopolitan cultural capital, Tel Aviv, you will locate the Port of Ashdod. Soaked in culture, recreation and almost everything you’ll need in a city. The white city – designated as a UNESCO heritage site because of its Bauhaus Architectural designs, the port of Jaffa – one of the world’s earliest ports, and the Tel Aviv beach all in Tel Aviv are great places to visit for visitors who don’t want to exert themselves physically. From Ashdod, a one-hour drive will take you to Jerusalem, the world’s religious capital because of the many holy sites, for the different major religions located within the city. Words cannot fully convey the charm of Jerusalem, it is better experienced.

Yeah, there are available options for a brief cruise excursion of Isreal, but whatever little time spent within the Holy Land won’t be enough to satiate your curiosity. While your boat departs from the harbor, you’ll wish you could experience more of the country.

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