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Shopping Malls and Streets in Tel Aviv

Shopping in Tel-Aviv is an experience suited for everyone, whether you’re a visitor, exploring the city and its markets, or a long-time resident. The experience is gratifying regardless of which market you visit. From the Carmel Market and the Jaffa Flea Market, overlooking the Jaffa Port to the contemporary malls like Azrieli Center Mall –touted to be the largest shopping mall in Tel Aviv–and Dizengoff Center; the upscale neighborhoods of Kikar Hamedina and Ramat Aviv Mall, the boutique and artisan street markets like Nachalat Binyamin. The landscape of these markets may differ but the feeling remains the same. In Tel Aviv’s marts, you’ll notice a striking balance between international brands and local labels, and still, space for smaller craftsmen and boutiques to thrive.

Now, we present you with a list of shopping areas in Tel Aviv, that’ll leave you with sweet memories:

Kikar Hamedina and Ramat Aviv Mall

The Kikar Hamedina – also called Square of the State–and the Ramat Aviv Mall are shopping destinations in Tel Aviv for buyers of both Israeli and international luxury designer labels. Both malls situated in the Northern annex of Tel Aviv, mostly cater for the upper-class in these neighborhoods and display a large collection of designer brands. Kikar Hamedina is built like a large public square, with a wide grassy roundabout in it’s middle and an outer street, He Be’iyar Street, encircling the area. Along the outer street, you’ll see several luxury stores and high-end residential apartments, premier diners, and cafeterias where the creme d la creme of the city come to spend some time. The Ramat Aviv Mall is a more typical shopping mall, just further up north in the Ramat Aviv locality. The mall is host to several high-end designer brands and even Israeli labels.

Azrieli Center Mall

Easily one of the biggest shopping centers in Tel Aviv, it occupies the base of the Azrieli Center— an imposing structure comprising three towers, whose tallest tower is the tallest skyscraper in Tel Aviv. The plaza houses over 150 marts. Because of the enormous number of people whose offices are on the upper floors of the towers, the afternoon period, particularly around lunchtime, there is a surge in human traffic within the mall. For the utmost experience, while visiting the Azrieli Center Mall, stop by the Azrieli Observatory.

Dizengoff Center Mall

The Dizengoff Center Mall is remarkably Israeli in every aspect, in its eccentric structure and with the large number of Israeli businesses it houses. It is the main shopping in Israel and one of its foremost malls too. Because of the sheer number of Israeli merchandise whose flagship shops are located in this Mall and its central location, it is definitely a place to drop by when in Tel Aviv.

Jaffa Flea Market

Here, you’ll find a large display of souvenirs and one-off items. The aura in the market is enchanting and as you explore the market on foot, the range of artifacts on sale you will encounter will make it hard to make a choice. And certainly, as you purchase from the vendors, you’ll partake in the haggling of prices, a traditional Israeli act.

Nachalat Binyamin Market

The Nachalat Binyamin Market is a street market in the epicenter of Tel Aviv. Open twice a week, Tuesday and Friday, the market is a good spot for good handmade artifacts because the vendors are mostly artists who set up on the specific market days.

Levinsky Market

To encounter a shopping experience that is slightly distinct from all you’ve seen in the previous markets, visit the Levinsky Market, situated in the Florentin district. Along the streets in the district, there are roadside stores where you can find almost everything obtainable in a local setting. Each street in this area specializes in crafts and services of a particular industry. The traders in this market are mostly traditional wholesalers of their craft and they supply many of the smaller businesses and retailers across Tel Aviv and even beyond.

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