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Reasons Travelling to Europe

Get inspired about travelling around Europe and discover the plethora of European culture diversity, ancient history, beautiful landscapes, and gastronomical delights to magnificent coastlines. Our hand-picked European travel packages are waiting just for you. Here are the TOP 10 reasons why Europe is a top destination that offers a lifetime of adventures and memories.

1. Ancient European Heritage

Explore the foundations of history and civilisation from our range of cultural heritage tours to take you on an ancient journey and travel to lost worlds in. Take your pick of hundreds of ancient Roman sights, marvel at the Acropolis in Athens, as Socrates once did to revelling in the peace of a twilight stroll through a gorgeous medieval town, such as the cobblestone walkways of Prague’s Old Town. From the ruins to Pompeii to to Mount Olympus in Italy or a hike to the UNESCO accredited Italian fishing villages of Cinque Terre. With our tours, you’ll travel back in time and uncover the ancient wonders of the world.

2. Gastronomical Delights

Feast on an array of culinary delights, just as the Europeans do – the best way to eat is like a local. Our tour packages span the greatest European cities where you discover the best places to eat and drink. Whether that’s supping on a tasty Belgian beer in Antwerp. Paris is a any food lover’s dream knowing here to go to get the best charcuterie to croissant, munching on French Brie and fresh baguette in Paris to mouth-watering Italian pizza in Naples, or chomping on a Bratwurst in Berlin. Incredible cuisine and the best European food. Just choose a city break from one of our packages, and explore the finest in culinary curiosity.

3. Stunning Natural Beauty

A patchwork of over 40 countries, Europe is one of the world’s most varied continents in terms of geographical diversity. Hundreds of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, endless beautiful natural wonders to take you’re breath away. Europe’s enchanting beauty is limitless from dramatic snow-capped mountains of the Swiss Alsp, to the 4,000 square miles of effortlessly deep forests in Germany to the spectacular Norwegian Fjords. Our European travel packages cover the very best in tranquil natural wonders where each one is awe-inspiring, and never forgotten.

4. Culturally Impressive

World-class art to a flourishing literary scene and a hotbed for performing arts, there are more opera houses, theatres and museums in Europe than any other continent. Its rich and impressive culturally heritage, offers some of the best cultural experiences in the world for art music, opera, dance and theatre for the culturally curious. With our tour packages, you can discover the cultural delights across a range of European cities. Get immersed in iconic works of art at the Musee du Louvre in Paris, and learn about their history or soak up some powerful drama, dazzling performing arts and opera tours around the vibrant cities of Amsterdam and Vienna.

5. Easy And Quick Travel

Travelling around Europe has never been easier, with the open borders of the Schengen Area you can travel throughout the continent, zigzagging across borders with a single passport stamp or entry and exit within the European Union – you get easy access to over 28 countries. It’s easy to fly airport-to-airport, or connectivity via coach, private car hire or train. Flights and high-speed trains make travel time between cities and states within Europe extremely quick, making day trips to countries very possible, all year round.

6. Best Shopping Destinations

Many of the worlds’ best and most famous shopping capitals are dotted around Europe with its vast network of diverse and cosmopolitan treasure troves. Stylish indepdent boutiques, to vibrant flea markets from the boutique boulevards of Southern European to magical Christmas markets of Northern Europe, there is a destination for very kind of shopper when it comes to world-class shopping. Parisian glamour of Champs-Elysees to the shopping paradise of the Kaerntner Strasse in Vienna or the budget friendly Rue Neuve in Brussels, Europe is a perfect shopping destination.

7. Festival Time All the Time

From the weird and wonderful to the religious and spiritual, Europe is known for its dazzling array of unique festivals, celebrating anything from the historically important such as the Semana Santa Holy Week in Seville, Spain to heavy metal music festivals in Germany. The smell of incense to the crack of fireworks, it’s a way of life for Europeans – they are great at festivals and we’re not just talking about your average one-day festival.

8. The Best of European Hospitality

Europe per se if known to be one of the most welcoming places on earth. For a memorable holiday it the local people we encounter along the way. Friendly people who bend over backwards to extend a warm welcome with an open-armed reception that draws you deeper into the country. From the Dutch people who are world famous for being open and friendly to the laid back charm of the Greeks, Spaniards and Portuguese, Europe attracts millions of visitors from all over the world due to the fact that locals make tourists fall in love with their home. There’s nothing more joyous than getting to know the hidden gems of a city frequented by locals off the beaten track.

9. Boost The European Economy

The mpact of the coronavirus pandemic is still affecting the European tourism sector with the travel and hospitality industry steadily returning back to normality. But when you travel abroad to Europe you are boosting local economies simply by being there. What better reason than a selfless one, to travel to Europe – EU member states rely heavily on tourism, as it generates foreign exchange, supports jobs and drives businesses.

10. The Perfect European Travel Partner

With years of experience in the very best of European travelling, we’ve covered all the hard work for you. We’ve travelled far and wide, and so know the best places to stay, eat, and visit – all the landmarks, attractions, venues – we take care of everything. Our expertly designed European coach tour packages are as budget friendly as you want to be. We’ve worked out the best multi-country holiday packages so you can create ever lasting memories without any stress. Just savour and enjoy your dream European destinations with each crossing of the border. We’re talking infinite possibilities because with us you can do it all.

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