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Ramat Hanadiv Memorial Gardens, Zichron Ya’acov, Israel

Ramat Hanadiv is a nature reserve sitting on the southern foothills of Mount Carmel. The garden is sandwiched between the Zikhron Ya’akov on the southside and Binyamina-Giv’at Ada on the north end. The lush space was named in memory of Baron Rothschild, for his philanthropy and support towards the establishment of Israeli communities. The main attraction to the Ramat Hanadiv, for which it’s most famous is the wonderfully conserved gardens which offer serenity and amazing views to visitors. There’s also a visitors pavilion, Israel’s foremost certified green building, where all the important details of the Park can be seen.

The Garden sits on more than 17 acres of land, just along the southern slope of Mount Carmel. The variety of plants in the garden is also large, as you encounter low grasses and pine trees, and on strolling to another end of the garden, you’re surrounded by rose gardens and a sensory garden. At the middle of the garden, you’ll come upon the tombs of the Baron and his Baroness, whose immense contributions were instrumental to the development of the towns that share borders with the garden and even more distant towns like Rosh Pina in Galilee, and Rishon LeZion. Take a stroll through the garden and appreciate the incredible topography of the garden, especially when you look across the coastal table and to the Mediterranean.

Beyond the memorial gardens, the remaining area is the nature park. The park is somewhat of a green conservation area, preserving the original ecosystem of mountains and crisscrossed by hiking paths for visitors who want to your the area. The three major hiking routes through the Nature Park are the Spring Trail, a one hour and a half loop, open to all ages, the Manor Trail, which will take 4-5 hours to complete, and the Vulture Trail, a 2-2.5 hour hiking route. Visitors who have difficulty with navigating the Reserve or want more information on the park can visit the Visitor Center.

It’s almost impossible to miss the Ramat Hanadiv, because of its distinctness. Built with a sustainable building approach, the visitors center is the first accredited green building in Israel. Tour the structure to learn more about the site and for exhibitions on environmental preservation.

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