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The Complete Guide for Planning Your Trip to Tel Aviv

Why do we go on holiday? Is it to use up all our vacation days? Or is it to flee the hustle and bustle of our day to day and improve our quality of life? Everyone has an idea of what their perfect vacation entails, where we will go, what we will spend our time doing there. The perfect vacation needs to be in the perfect place, and there is no place like Tel Aviv. A thriving, cosmopolitan metropolis, full of charming locals, hipster cafes, and miles and miles of pristine white-sand beaches; Tel Aviv instantly captures the hearts of all who visit. It has been said that if New York and Ibiza had a love child it would be Tel Aviv. The unique combination of sun, sea, energy and vibrancy makes Tel Aviv a city for all those who love to seize the day and live life to the fullest. Why not visit and find out more? Take a chance and explore the humming streets, meet new friends, and experience unforgettable moments all just a stone’s throw from the Mediterranean. Here are some tips to get you started!

Romance or Relaxation?

Tel Aviv is a city for lovers – full of romantic hotels, the finest restaurants, trendy bars, and unmissable beachside sunsets. Amble around the quaint streets of Neve Tzedek, take a jaunt through hallowed Jaffa, ride a paddleboat on the river in Yarkon Park, or go straight to the beach! Each of the many beaches in the city has its own unique character – be it for surfers, musicians, or LGBTQ+ individuals, there’s volleyball too if you’re feeling sporty! Throw a towel on a sunbed, grab some shade under an umbrella, and make sure to rub your suncream in well, then take a breath and relax while you listen to the waves, with your partner by your side. Life doesn’t get better than this. Don’t worry though if you are travelling solo, or with a friend, there is still so much to do for friends or individual travellers. Tel Aviv has a limitless supply of coffee shops and bars, a thriving promenade with bike access and cycling tours, and not one, but two port areas – the Namal and Jaffa port, passing the days is never easier than in Tel Aviv. If you’re feeling peckish as you explore the city then why not grab yourself a quick snack, a cool beer, or a sensational cocktail.

From Street Eats to Elegant Dining

Tel Aviv truly comes alive once the evening begins and the restaurants begin to fill with diners. There is a myriad of options for all dietary requirements if you eat Kosher (i.e you follow Jewish dietary laws) then you will have plenty of options – There are pizzerias, even steakhouses too, you’ll never be hungry in Tel Aviv. Kosher essentially prohibits the mixing of milk and meat products and foods, therefore if you’re interested in trying some Kosher food, you’ll have to decide which type of dish you are in the mood for. Are you feeling like something cheesy or dairy-filled, or are you more inclined to dig into some shawarma or steak!? If you are vegetarian or vegan, then you are in heaven! Tel Aviv is an international capital in regards to the abundance of plant-based restaurants and establishments. Inspired by its culture of Mediterranean culinary tradition there is a smorgasbord of options – to begin, why not have some olives, fresh vegetables, delicious fruits, hummus, falafel, tahini, or potato bourekas? You will be spoilt for choice!

Tel Aviv Street Tours – Eating Like a Local

No matter if you are on vacation with your partner, or you are on an adventure in Tel Aviv with a friend, if food is your passion, then the best way to experience what Tel Aviv has to offer is with a local guided tour. A tour provided by a Tel Aviv resident who will share their unique perspective on the city with you, giving you the best advice for all your food related curiosities! Take part in a Tel Aviv street food tour and get the best guidance for where to take your pallet while you’re visiting the city. Carmel Market is a hub for activity – selling anything and everything you could possibly think of! Be it lemons, pomegranates, foreign spices, Shabbat tablecloths, handmade childrens toys or souvenirs! Foodies from all over the world are having incredible experiences on Tel Aviv food tours everyday. This is a fantastic way to meet new friends, and likeminded foodie travellers! This is a truly bespoke experience, if you don’t enjoy cooking, you can always partake in the Carmel Market Food Tour. There you’ll enjoy a myriad of delights, all native to Tel Aviv! You can try Yemenite bread and many, many different types of hummus spreads and antipastis such as cheeses, olives, and beautiful wines. But don’t eat too much at once – you’ll have to save room for the local baked goods and desserts!

Have an Adventure

One of the best parts of any holiday is the opportunity to stray outside of your normal routine, and experience things you never even dreamed of. Tel Aviv is the perfect city for doing this, take yourself on an adventure through one its many gorgeous, safe, and diverse boroughs. Many locals speak English and will be thrilled to talk to you about their wonderful home. People from Tel Aviv are famously welcoming. One neighbourhood, Sarona, which was once home to German Templars, in Ottoman Palestine, has a historic covered market that is a veritable oasis of delight for food lovers. The market’s design and structure are worthy of any Instagram post!

  • Florentin is a cool, trendy spot, named after Solomon Florentin who owned the land the neighbourhood is built upon in the 1920s. Florentin is easily the best place in the city to view local street art, why not take a locally guided street art tour while you’re there? Tel Aviv is quickly becoming world-renowned for its street art, come see why!
  • Neve Tzedek is arguably one of Tel Aviv’s most captivating boroughs, it is jam-packed with narrow, careening streets, that will charm any visitor. Neve Tzedek translates as meaning ‘Abode of Justice,’ additionally it is one of the monikers for God.
  • Tel Aviv Port is referred to as the Namal and is extremely popular with tourists, on average the area sees over 4.3 million tourists each year. Visitors flock there to stroll along its picturesque boardwalk and shop at its vibrant food markets.
  • Jaffa is a neighbourhood bursting with things to do and see, be it galleries, crooked alleyways, flea markets filled with trinkets, or buildings that have stood for centuries. Simply put, Jaffa is unmissable. While you’re there, it’s a great idea to take part in the Jaffa Flea Market tour, you don’t want to miss anything here!
  • Rothschild Boulevard is a chic, up-market part of Tel Aviv, what’s more, it is lined with exquisite architectural wonders, with many of the buildings built in the 1930s and 1940s. Many of these beautiful structures have been renovated recently, this area is a must for history and architecture aficionados, make the most of ‘The White City,’ and take a Bauhaus walking tour!

Relax and Kick Back!

Tel Aviv’s first impression can often be that it is a hectic urban centre full of crowds and traffic, yet as anyone who’s visited will tell you, this is not the case. Tel Aviv takes a little bit of time to adjust to, and when you do adjust you will certainly be enchanted by its unmistakable character and appeal. When the time comes to depart, you’ll wish you never had to leave. It could be said that Tel Aviv is a City that Never Sleeps, and you’ll discover this for yourself, life in Tel Aviv is fast-paced and always on the go! If you only have a limited amount of time in this whirlwind of a city then we recommend taking a look at our tips on how to see as much of the city as you can in 2 days. Lastly, whether you are visiting as part of a romantic getaway, or you are on an adventure with friends, or even taking some much needed time to yourself, the crucial thing to remember is to chill out, relax, and have a blast! The Mediterranean climate means that the weather is perfect for outdoor activities year-round, meaning you can walk everywhere, or rent a city bike or e-scooter if you’re feeling brave. Drink in the city’s energy, sip on an iced latte, or mint tea (a local delicacy) and enjoy all Tel Aviv has to offer. Choose one of the many organised day tours of the city and when that’s over, make sure you grab a falafel, take a long walk by the sea, and let yourself feel relaxed and re-energised! As you watch the sunset over the azure sea, remember to say thank you to yourself for choosing such a wonderful place for your vacation – Visit Tel Aviv, you deserve it.

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