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Breathtaking Places to Visit on Your Tour to Masada

Masada is a UNESCO World Heritage site that provides visitors with an important history lesson through grand beautiful views of the Dead Sea. It’s an excellent addition to your trip to the Dead Sea region and this article lists the top-rated attractions visitors should seek on the site.

Sound and Light Show: If visitors plan their trip during the months of March to October, they’ll be able to catch a sound and light show on the history of Masada. The special effects will take your senses on a journey. This takes place twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday. It’s worth planning your trip to stay in the area for the night.

Byzantine Church: Another striking collection of buildings can be found southeast of the synagogue. Christian monks most likely built the Byzantine church during the fifth century. The church can be entered through a porch or vestibule and the apse, at its east end, may have housed relics. The north side features a mosaic pavement with representations of plants and fruits

Baths: Just south of the Northern Palace is a bath house built by King Herod. After entering the courtyard, it’s surrounded by columns leading to a changing room (apodyterium). This room is paved with black and white triangular lines. This is attached to a warm room (tepidarium), a cold bath (frigidarium), and the hot bath (caldarium). The hot bath has preserved its hypocaust (under-floor heating system). Above the baths is a roof that provides good view of the whole fortress. Just south of the baths is a building that was known to have Herod’s workrooms and offices.

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