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Top places to visit in the Dead Sea Region

The waters where you can float forever, the Dead Sea is one of the greatest wonders of our world and serves as the best places to visit if you are need relaxing time. Being 400 meters below the sea level and having an incredibly high salt content, this sea is one of its kinds in providing evidence of the striking phenomenon. Apart from its incredible buoyancy properties which never let you sink, the Dead Sea region houses amazing views full of hiking opportunities for those who to adventure to the heart.


The Qumran caves have been recognized as one of the most pronounced religious findings of current era. According to an accidental discovery by a Bedouin shepherd in 1947 when he came upon a collection of old paper and papyrus documents which were later revealed to be dated from the 1st century BC and the 1st century AD. Later they came to be recognized as the Dead Sea Scrolls and are considered as the most ancient existing documents of the holy books such as the Bible and contain all the manuals of the Old Testament (except Esther).

If one wishes to observe the ruins, there is a catch as there are not too many but the greatest wonder remains in the kitchen, scriptorium, and refectory which stand till today along with two cisterns, the relics of an aqueduct, which was used to supply the pools for ceremonial ablutions. Along with that you can also witness a cave where a part of the scrolls were initially found.

Mineral Beach

Some of the attractions of the Mineral Beach are the Spa treatments which specifically use the Dead Sea mud, the sulphur pools and last but not the least the beach itself which acts as a famous tourist attraction. There are many choices which you can decide from, as to what you want to include in your Dead Sea ventures, but among all the other places of interest, this seashore destination is a top favorite if you have nothing in mind other than relaxing in the Dead Sea. Services include a food café, loungers and sunshades, a swimming pool, and freshwater showers for when you come out of the sea.

Wadi David

Ein Gedi Nature Park consists of two valleys ad one of them is the famous Wadi David. Comprising of lush green areas with plenty of vegetation contrasts the barren desert hills which surround this valley. Walking on the trek starting from the waterfall up to the En Gedi Spring, you can witness the relics of a 4th-millennium-BC Chalcolithic temple towards the northwest, which was solely devoted to the cult of the moon. Residing in the middle point of the building is the circular “moon stone”. There are two gates of the sacred precinct which open to the Ein Gedi Spring from one side and the Shulamite Spring to the other.

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