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Visiting Petra

Petra is one of the most attractive tourist places in Jordan, it is considered one of the Nine Wonders of the World. It is geographically located in the southwest of the country. According to history, it is a very old city that was considered to be lost thousands of years ago. It is known that it was rediscovered years ago in the nineteenth century and ever since it has become a touristic place. Many visitors visit Petra throughout the year.

To access the city of Petra, you need to make an excursion through Jordan. On the way to Petra, you can also see places like Aqaba or Amman considered as the main cities. Jordan, like other Arab countries, has several places for tourism. Petra is one of the most visited places in Jordan, with a great number of annual tourist arrivals. Many visitors come to Petra to learn about the ancient and incredible history of the city. It was known as a city where trade proliferated.

History of Petra

Let’s do a little history review of the wonderful city of Petra. Thousands of years ago, a mainly Ishmaelite people arose; these people were known by the name Nabataeans. They developed their activities in the south of Palestine and Jordan.

As time went by the Nabataean people became an empire and spread throughout the region. Then they decided to build Petra, which at that time was mainly a trading town.

Petra was built, carved and sculpted in stone. Its name “Petra” in Greek means “Stone”. It refers to the natural material used in the construction of the city. It is an impressive place to be at; it is thousands of years old but still retains its original essence. Its structure and appearance retain almost intact since its construction.

Getting to know Petra

Currently, the city of Petra is a place of great fame and tourism in Jordan. In addition, it is considered to be one of the Nine Wonders of the World by UNESCO. When visiting Petra, the trip becomes a wonderful adventure, the exciting sensation takes hold of the tourists when visiting Petra, one of the oldest and most important cities in the world. Its importance is also partly due to the fact that it is an archaeological place.

There are several types of routes to reach the city of Petra. Some of these begin in cities like Jerusalem or Eilat in Israel. Other routes are placed in Jordan, beginning in the cities previously named: Aqaba and Amman. Each tour group is escorted by a guide who provides the necessary information to all visitors.

The accessibility of this city is an advantage. With all the tours there are, tourists can get to see may other places during their trip and learn a little more about the history of places of great antiquity such as the city Petra.

If you want to visit Jordan, we recommend you to visit Petra, a city full of memories and fascinating historical background. One of the seasons in which the city is greatly visited is autumn or spring; this is because the temperatures are not so high; you can enjoy a moderate and comfortable climate.

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