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Your travel guide to exploring Nazareth

Nazareth is the largest Arab town, located on the Northern side of Israel. This is no longer a quite Jewish city, Nazareth is bustling with life. From churches to historical sites, there’s plenty to see and discover here. A walking tour of the old city will take you through the stone-paved alleys and historical buildings. Your trip to Israel is never complete without a visit to Nazareth. This vibrant city is often overlooked by tourists, but there are several things to see and do in Nazareth, that should not be missed. Plan your travel better and bookmark this article as your travel guide essential for your trip to Nazareth. Here’s everything you need to know about Nazareth.

When to travel?

Nazareth is a year-round destination, blessed with a Mediterranean climate. Every nook and corner of this city has a story to narrate and hence no weather will hold you back from a fascinating journey as this.

Must-see places in Nazareth

Always start your travel with a walking tour of the city. The beautiful streets, views of the city, street eats and some interesting sights are all out to capture your attention in this magical destination.

1. Church of the Annunciation

Nazareth is famously known as the city in which Jesus spent his childhood. This is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites amongst the Christian community. It is believed to be where the Annunciation took place. There are a certain elegance and grandeur to the place, truly an architectural marvel.

2. Synagogue Church

Located in the Nazareth’s market district, this church is a part of the Greek Catholic Melkite community. You’ll spot the church from afar for its grand dome and the massive bells. As per the Christian beliefs, it is believed to be Jesus spent his adolescent years studying and praying.

3. Nazareth Village

If you want to picture the ancient Galilean life, Nazareth Village is the spot to be. The enthusiastic actors will enact the story with appropriate costumes and stories from the New Testament.

4. St. Gabriel’s Church and Mary’s Well

St. Gabriel’s Church is said to be built over the spot where Archangel Gabriel first appeared to Mary. This charming church has an impressive architecture and a mysterious bubbling spring. As for the waters in Mary’s well is believed to have miraculous healing power and is popular amongst the locals as well as tourists.

5. The Shuk

Wander the alley of an old bazaar in Nazareth. The Shuk is a perfect spot to capture some good photographs, shop for souvenirs and experience the local culture.

6. St. Joseph’s Church

Located near the Church of the Annunciation, St. Joseph’s Church was built in the early 1900s. This Franciscan Roman Catholic church is said to be built over the carpentry workshop of the husband of the Virgin Mary.

Since your travel itinerary may have religious and pilgrimage spots, we strongly recommend you wear modest attire during your travel in Nazareth.

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