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The City of Nazareth in Galilee

Hometown to Jesus, Nazareth is yet another mesmerizing place to visit in Israel. Jesus spent his childhood alongside parents, Mary and Joseph in this city. There are places of significant importance in Nazareth that can be toured in a day.

The Church of Annunciation:

A historical site, where Gabriel, an Angel descended to give the joyous news of pregnancy to Marry, mother of Jesus. The Church holds the exact location where the event occurred. Christian or not, this is a church to be visited at least once. The architecture of this Basilica is to be admired that has different images depicting the pure-virgin Mary.

St. Joseph Church:

Near to the Church of Annunciation is another famous site, St. Joseph’s Church that is believed to be Joseph’s carpentry shop. The Catholic Church was also home to the family, Mary, Jesus and Joseph. Outside the Church you can spot the statue of the family fixed in to the Church wall. As you enter the Church you encounter a statue of Joseph and painted-images of the holy family. Under the Church are the grottoes, open to tourists to have a glimpse inside the lifestyle of the holy family.

Mary’s Well:

The well in Nazareth is important to Christian faith as many believe the water in the well has healing powers.

Mount Precipice:

Just outside the city of Nazareth, stands the Mount Precipice where the people of Nazareth tried to force Jesus down the cliff but he managed to get away from them.

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