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Mini Israel

For many visitors to the country, their time in Israel is limited to a few well planned, famous sites and attractions. As a result, many of the highlights are often overlooked, as a result of having to make such choices.

Mini Israel aims to give visitors a highly detailed insight into life in this beautiful country. Inspired by the Dutch miniature park, Madurodam, was created a vast scale model of the country, complete with lights and sounds. From the North to the South, and everything in between, all minorities and indigenous life forms are included. Spot the olive, pomegranate, cypress, myrtle, rosemary, and lavender trees, the 500 highly detailed mini animals and see how many you can count of the 4000 mini models of cars, motorbikes, trains, planes, ships, trucks and even helicopters, as you meander the walkways and bridges, which take you through this magical land.

The attention to detail is second to none, as the creators have very cleverly incorporated the most famous landmarks, into a hexagram, depicting the Star of David. All models are constructed from materials, which are designed to stand up to the sometimes harsh climatic changes. Everything is scratch built from polyurethane and polymer. They are then hand-painted with waterproof paint for the final finish before taking their place in the 1:25 scale diorama. This is a large busy country which has a population of 25,000 7cm-high miniature residents. All are seen engaging in their daily lives.

Experience the excitement of the supporters at a local football match, hear prayer time at the Western Wall and Watch as the planes take off from the miniature airport.

The sights and sounds are complimented by an audio guide, which is a must for that all-inclusive, interactive experience.

Opened in 2002, the attraction has become world famous and has been visited by 4 million people. Located close to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Mini Israel has something for everyone. It is located in the Latrun area, in the Ayalon Valley on part of the Kibbutz Nachson.

The visitor centre has a wealth of information as does the lecture hall. A souvenir shop and bonsai nursery provide places for you to purchase a memento of this wonderful creation.

An onsite food court ensures that refreshments are available throughout your visit.

A programme of continual improvement and new additions, ensure that Mini Israel will continue to captivate the imagination of visitors for many years.

If your time is short or you are interested in miniatures, this attraction has to be a must on your to do list.

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