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Top things to see & do in Masada and Dead Sea

If you are looking for the perfect day trip from Jerusalem or for that matter, anywhere in Israel, we would highly recommend you Masada and the Dead Sea. This destination is an absolute travelers’ delight and is located nearby. It’s not just the destination, it’s the drive up to that makes the journey exciting. Your road trip to Masada, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will take you approximately 2.5 hours. Being one of the greatest archaeological sites in Israel, it must be on your travel bucket list, if not already. Masada is well known for its historical relevance and its breathtaking view with a strategic location above the Dead Sea.

Masada Museum

Discover the enthralling collection of artifacts uncovered from the numerous excavations that took place here. There are over 500 artifacts on display and each one of them has a historically relevant story to narrate. From Roman arrowheads to simple cooking vessels used back in the era, there are plenty of interesting exhibits. Whilst you are here, don’t forget to view the nine theatrical scenes which talk about some of the prominent heroic characters from Masada’s history.

Northern Palace

Situated at the northern tip of the plateau, this palace showcases the structure of Herod’s then Northern Palace. This three-tiered palace that was built in late 1st century BCE and was originally covered in mosaic flooring and extravagant wall paintings. It is truly one of the most impressive structures in history.

Byzantine Church

Amongst the large complex of buildings which is a part of the synagogue is the remains of Byzantine Church. This well-preserved church is believed to have been built by the monks who lived in Masada during the 5th century. If you explore the venue closely, you’ll see the partially preserved pavements and other intricate works on the wall.

Western Palace

Western Palace is known to be Herod’s official residence and is spread across 4,000 square meters. The remains of the palace and the historical representation of this place is extremely fascinating. The panoramic views of the surrounding desert and the Dead Sea is equally mesmerizing.

Be prepared with your best hiking shoes to get to the top of the plateau and explore the destination at its best. If not, you’ll always have the cable car to get you to the top in a matter of minutes. After you have explored some of the prominent sites of Masada, drive up to Ein-Bokek which is a free beach. Once you are there, be ready to check off dead sea swim from your travel bucket list. You could also coat yourself in the nutritious Dead Sea mud and then go for a dip. Being the lowest point on earth, the salt content in the dead sea is said to be ten times saltier which will easily help you float.

Your trip to Israel is incomplete without having Masada and therapeutic Dead sea tour in your list of places to visit. There’s nothing better if you can catch the gorgeous views of the sunset from one of these locations too.

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