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Magdala – Historical Site

When the Mexican-based Catholic congregation, the Legionnaires of Christ, began building a spiritual retreat in 2009, they were surprised to discover a synagogue of Jesus from the first century CE, which was mentioned in a local coin in Jesus’ time, did in 29 CE. Excavation work continues every summer that has now become an open museum. The ancient town of Magdala (Magdalen in Hebrew), the home of Mary Magdalene, is located by 6 km north of Tiberias.

Inside the synagogue, the Magdala Stone was found by archaeologists, a rectangular altar. The discovery was made south of Jerusalem. It is decorated with a seven-branched menorah, which is unique because this temple of Jerusalem still stands. The altar can be used to read the Torah. The original copy is in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Visitors can also see the beautiful worship place and it is consisted on six mosaic decorated chapels. Volunteers conduct free tours in English, Spanish and some other languages. A guest house is under construction about to 160 rooms.

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