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Journey to the Dead Sea

The sacred land of Israel is home to many significant events and places in history. One unique place renowned for its peculiar nature is the Dead Sea. The sea with the highest salt concentration situated at one of the lowest points on earth, allows you to float on the water’s surface whilst you enjoy the mineral-rich mud carrying many qualities. Such a unique experience together with breathtaking views is a must for anyone visiting Israel. Therefore, for you to have the best experience, we have put together a guide for your visit.

Tour at the Dead Sea from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv can both fit a day’s timeline. From Jerusalem, it’ll take you at most an hour to reach the Dead Sea and even less depending on the traffic. Similarly, from Tel Aviv, it’s a two-and-a-half-hour drive. However, you can opt for guided tour that will takes you directly from your hotel to the Dead Sea.

Staying a night at the Dead Sea to relax and elevate your mood in this splendid location is a great idea. Take this chance and pamper yourself with some amazing spa time at one of the resorts at the Dead Sea and enjoy the healing and curing waters of the Dead Sea.

If you just want to spend a few hours at the Dead Sea, there are a few places where you should definitely stop by. You can easily take a tour of these sites in a day or can spread them over two days for a more profound experience.

The first place in our list is the historical site Masada with ruins of the royal citadel. The site has high historical value as over a thousand Jewish made their last stand against the invading Romans. The UNESCO World Heritage center has preserved the siege architecture consisting of barricades and camps. If you visit the site between March and October, you’ll get to see a spectacular light and sound show remembering the historical event.

The second place in our list is the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve bordering the Judean desert and the Dead Sea coast. The place is perfect for hiking through the beautiful canyons and water streams complementing the lavish greenery and diverse animal life.

Finally, for anyone interested in the biblical history of the Holy Land, the Qumran Caves must be visited. This is the discovery place of the Dead Sea scrolls. Even though the scrolls are preserved in the Jerusalem Museum, the visitor’s center at the caves gives an audio presentation of the scrolls as you walk beside possible features of the historic settlement such as aqueducts and cisterns.

Not far away from the Dead Sea, you can cover all these sites in a day and with a combination of rest and relaxation you are good to go.

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