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Jerusalem Tours

Israel brings visitors from all around the world. The main attraction is the city of Jerusalem, filled with historical events traceable for thousands of years and significant religious landmarks for Christians, Muslims and Jews. To help make the most of what Jerusalem has to offer, there are several different tours around Jerusalem to help you see the desired landmarks whilst tailoring to your timeline. For example, if you have half a day available to see Jerusalem, then you’ll be able to see many different parts of Jerusalem, focusing on the main points of interest such as the Via Dolorosa. However, if you have a full day available, then the tour of Jerusalem could be combined with visiting the city of Bethlehem too, allowing you to experience lots more of Israel and its fantastic history.

There are some Jerusalem tours that are very Christian orientated, focusing on the various landmarks within the Christian Community such as the Via Dolorosa, the Garden of Gethsemane and more. Other tours are available that take you through the various different stages that Jesus went through, as you walk in his footsteps, and others will make use of the extended time within the Church. Known as the Holy Sepulchre, the church built around Jesus’ deathplace and the tomb where he was buried. If you happen to be in Jerusalem around Easter time you’ll be able to join the Palm Sunday Procession tour.

To get the absolute best out of Jerusalem, the tour that covers the new and Old City, including the Yad VaShem Holocaust Museum, Church of the Holy Sepuchre and the Western Wall is the tour for you. With plenty of landmarks to visit and see, you’ll be sure to make the most of your time. There is the ability to venture underground, visiting the now excavated City of David. As well as this there are multi-day tours which encompass visiting Jerusalem as part of the itinerary and various shop-to-shore tours that will also take you to visit Jerusalem as part of your excavation.

All tours will include a pick-up service and most tours include a drop-off service too, with various points to be dropped off at including several places in Tel Aviv, Netanya and Herzliya. The vehicle will be air-conditioned to ensure that you stay nice and cool on your journey. Most tours will involve some walking to tour the Old City, as it isn’t a place built for vehicles. Tours vary in size, from a standard size tour to a reduced number and even private tours are available if this is of preference to you. The tours operate most days of the week to meet your plans when visiting Israel and are available in several languages to ensure that the tour meets your needs. Every tour is accompanied by a passionate tour guide who has lots of experience and knowledge in Jerusalem and its history.

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