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Touring Jerusalem on a Budget

As in similar major cities around the world, shopping in Jerusalem is not economical. However, with proper research and a prior plan before travelling, exploring Jerusalem without blowing your budget is definitely feasible. Cutting your costs will include visiting the local markets that exist in their large numbers all over the city, to try out street foods at cut-rate. The city is also properly suited for touring its sites on foot instead of paying for other modes of transport. Moreover, the increase in the number of short-term tourists to Jerusalem has resulted in the spring up of many decent hostels and at reasonable prices too. Read on and you’ll find more interesting ways to enjoy the highlights of Jerusalem within your budget limit.

Machane Yehuda Market

One tip that helps you spend on a budget in Jerusalem is to purchase commodities and the local food at the Machane Yehuda Market. You can visit the market at your convenience or make a detour to the market during the tour. The market is a landmark feature of the city and is also a shopping destination for vendors and buyers of local produce, homeware, articles of clothing, and local art. There are eateries too for visitors willing to explore the local cuisine and all of this, at bargain prices. A visit to their market is a step towards discovering the cultural heritage of the city. As you tour the market, you may pick from the assorted display of handmade embroidery and materials on sale, they are pocket-friendly gift options for friends and souvenirs to hold on to after your visit.

Walking in the Ancient City

Touring Jerusalem on foot might just be the best way to go sightseeing within the city. Not only is it the better option from an economic angle, but you’ll also come in contact with the other side of the city many tourists may not be opportune to see. In most of the hotels and hostels in the city, you’ll find a map of the city for directions as you navigate across the city. If you’re not comfortable with exploring the city alone, you can also decide to be part of a guided walking tour. These groups can be found online and you can book a space in advance. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Western Wall, and the Temple Mount are among the famous monuments In the city. Once you are in Jerusalem, it’s tempting to stroll along the streets, staring at the architectural masterpieces in the city and admiring the culture of this ancient province.

Sampling Street Food

Frequent visits to restaurants for food and alcohol can turn out to be quite expensive in the long run. One way to cut down on your feeding expenses is to sample street food in local restaurants. They’re not as pricey as the posh diners, but they are just as delicious. Street food shops are mostly run by local families and the business may have been passed down across generations. Their menu boasts of a variety of authentic dishes, sweets and snacks.

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