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Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

The Jerusalem Zoo now renamed the “Tisch Family Zoological Gardens” sits on over 25 hectares of valley land in the Malha area of Jerusalem. The zoo is very popular amongst tourists and is Isreal’s most visited tourist destination. The popularity is not unconnected to its suitability for family tours. Within the Zoo, there is a gigantic artificial lake, surrounded by lush grasslands and trees that provide cover for tourists and suitable for a picnic. Stroll down the walkway or join the train service–which has several stations at different points– within the zoo to tour the entire length of the zoo, the aquarium, and the wildlife savannah. It is also interesting that the transport system and the walkways within the area are friendly to persons living with disabilities.

The Zoo boasts of a pretty collection of Afro-Asian wildlife. At the last count, there are over 200 different species of animals living in the zoo, and it is a good place to come across many of the creatures referred to in the Bible, amongst other animals you would expect to encounter in a zoo.

Within the Biblical Zoo, there’s a smaller children’s zoo, which includes a petting corner for the children to get closer to domesticated animals and a playground for fun. Near the playground, there’s a small kiosk selling snacks in case they feel exhausted and hungry. Also, you can pack some snacks while you come. During the holidays, when the number of children visitors is high, the Zoo workers organize a supervised meeting between kids and friendlier animals.

The Zoo also has a visitors center, built-in resemblance with Noah’s ark and looking over the African Savannah. The center has an auditorium and an exhibition gallery and a computer information station. On the deck of the Ark, you’ll find a cafeteria for snacks and food.

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