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Italy Tour Packages & Destination Guide

One of the most iconic and astonishing places in the world, Italy has the perfect combination of historical and modern cities, breathtaking sceneries, and top-class cuisine, which fascinates visitors from all over the world.

Northern Italy

When exploring the scenic lakes and mountains of Northern Italy, in Lombardy, Trentino-Alto Adige, and the Veneto, to name a few, you will encounter the awe-inspiring villages, with its stunning five-stars resorts, perfumed gardens, from where you can see one of the Italian lakes. Lake Garda, Lake Como, and Lake Maggiore, brings a unique charm to this part of Italy.

It’s also in this region where we will walk into the contemporary Milan, the cultured Turin, the mediaeval Verona, and the dreamy Venice, there is no place like it. The charm of the city, made of about 100 islands crisscrossed by 25 miles of canals connected to the Grand Canal, is unforgettable.

Heading south, give yourself time to stop and discover the Emilia-Romagna region, home to some of Italy’s best cuisine like Modena and Bologna – “The Fat”. Bolognese sauce, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, and Parma ham are some of the delicious foods that originated in this region. Not enough, the small cities such as Mantova and Ferrara, also bring more to this Italian region. The architectural treasures and a beautiful contrast with the colourful mosaics, definitely creates a very romantic atmosphere.

Central Italy

The Italy tour goes into the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Tuscany.

Arts, history, food, wine, there is so much to see in this extraordinary part of Italy, cities like Pisa, with its iconic Leaning Tower, Lucca, Siena and its mediaeval city walls and historical centres, San Gimignano and the incredible skyline of mediaeval towers from the 11th and 13th centuries, and the breathtaking Florence with its stunning landscape of rolling golden hills, cypress trees, vineyards, and countless small hilltop towns. Tuscany gives you a pleasant sensation of being on a journey into the centuries of our history.


The Eternal City, Rome, is conveniently located at the heart of the country.

Capital city of Italy, is the perfect combination of rich history – over its 3,000-years, heritage culture, best-loved cuisine and still a modern and contemporary fashion offer that attracts and delights visitors from all over the world.

From visiting Rome stunning monuments, such as The Colosseum, The Pantheon, and the ancient ruins of the Roman Empire, delight yourself with the scrumptious food – which does not mean expensive – go for a pleasant walk in some of the world’s most iconic cobbled streets, throw coins in the Trevi Fountain, or just sit in one of the romantic cafes, to watch the world go by, experiencing the Italian “La dolce vita”.

The Italy capital city is also home for the smallest country of the world, The Vatican City, for whom they have a particular interest in the Roman Catholic Church.

Roma is an unmissable city and most definitely has it all to keep its position as the most visited destinations in the world.

Southern Italy

The tour for Southern Italy starts in the Campania region, in Campagna gorgeous and lively small town – with its unique and independent style.

Known as the birthplace of pizza, the tumultuous and super fascinating Naples, is a must-go city.

Vesuvius, the active volcano – in state of repose – only 9 km east of Naples, brings you to another atmosfere, the feeling of danger and worry is notable, but it is a remarkable experience.

The bays of Naples and Salerno, creates some of the most impressive and stunnings landscapes of this Italian region.

If you can handle skinny roads, the Amalfi Coast Drive will promote one of most fabulous coastline views in Europe – the unique combination of the colourful villages, its lemon trees and the infinite Mediterranean Sea.

From Sorrento – the lemon city, taking you to paradises like Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, and Salerno.

In Salerno, you can observe the Greek ruins and understand more about the historical Greek influence in this part of the county.

Capri, the jewel of Southern Italy, this island has its exclusive vibe, as many celebrities enjoy the warm Mediterranean weather.

Capri pure landscapes and natural beauty are incredible – Definitely a must-do, must-see bucket-list favourite.

Exploring further along the Italian “boot”, you go into regions where you will encounter places like Puglia, Basilicata and Calabria. Places where the particular influence of its Arabs, Spanish and Greeks invaders – and inhabitants – brought distinct culture, architecture, and cuisine to this part of Italy. In this region, where the sun-baked food tradition originated.

In Bari, the souk reminds you of the Arab influence, in the little Alberobello thousands of white-tipped, cone-shaped trulli houses remind you of Greece. Lecce is known for its Baroque style, and the historic connection between Greece and the Roman Empire, Le Murge’s out of sight green hills, the flourishing Gargano peninsula, and the absurd Adriatic sea blue waters are some of the reasons Southern Italy has become a popular destination.

The region whose name refers to the intensity of the sunshine there, Mezzogiorno – meaning midday, is one of the poorest and least populated Italy regions.

Although, you should not miss Basilicata and Calabria and its mediaeval village in the mountain scenery.

Matera is another province where you can explore the Sassi Caves, some of them are inhabited by some of the poorest souls of the country, others were renovated, and become hotels, thus its popularity.

The tour around the boot-shaped country finally gets to its “toe”, Calabria. Explore the spectacular city of Tropea – topcliff buildings, and the landmark Santuario di Santa Maria dell’Isola di Tropea, and turquoise ocean, the ancient Cosenza in the west coast, where the university of Cosentian Academy, and Sila National Park are located, and Lori’s Archeology Museum and site full of Greek relics on the Ionian coast.

Located between the Tyrrhenian Sea – west and the Ionian Sea at east, Calabria that has great influence from its Greek colonisers is still an overrated destination by many, but it is surely a worthy part of this magnificent country, full of good surprises and stunning places to discover.

Let us help you plan your trip to Italy and experience all the treasured memories it has to offer.

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