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Best Israeli Street Foods You Have To Try

Israel is enriched with a diverse variety of cultures, that giving us many interesting dishes to relis. The food is a result of a mixture of different tastes and recipes from people belonging to different areas. So Here are 5 of the best Israeli Street Foods that you must try! whenever you visit in Israel, don’t miss these delicious street foods.


Falafel, the national dish of Israel, is basically A mixture of chickpeas with herbs and spices. Lots of salad with fresh tomatoes, vegetables, hummus, tahini, pickle, and chips make it very tasty. This flavorsome meal is inexpensive and a very tasty. its origin is controversial but it is believed by some people that it is a dish invented by Egyptians. You can find many stalls of falafel in Israel. Falafel is definitely the one of thing you must try. you’ll not be disappointed.


A combination of chickpeas, tahini, garlic and lemon gives us a very tasty Isreali treat, which can be had with many variations. It is full of nutritional benefits and also affordable staple food. Onions and hot sauce add more flavors in the Hummus. It is commonly served with pitta and laffa bread are perfect to go with it.


Shawarma is everyone’s favorite dish. It is a complete meal. It has perfectly grilled chicken, lamb or turkey wrapped up in pitta bread with pickles, hot sauces and hummus also. It is originated from Middle East but now has special space in western culture also. No matter where you are wandering in Israel, you will always find shawarma nearby.


Tomato sauce and eggs, with chillies, peppers, onions and cumin, give you a lovely pot dish. The unique thing about this dish is that every restaurant has a different method of made it, so you’ll find your type of Shakshuka when you try it in different places.


Schnitzel is actually a slice of fried meat served with lemon slices, salad and sometimes with potato fries.

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