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How to Visit Tel Aviv on a Budget

Picking the right destination for your getaway can be tricky, especially if you are planning to travel to a city like Tel Aviv, one of the most expensive ones in Israel. Don’t worry, there is a solution for everybody, as soon as you are capable to think a little outside of the box! There’s no need for you to stay in those 5 star hotels near the beach, or eat at a restaurant that a meal will cost you your salary, but instead, you can easily support the local businesses and try some of the real underground taste of the city, that can satisfy you and be nice to your wallet. The following tips are exactly what you need to know before traveling to a city like this one without you being bank broke.


Wandering around Tel Aviv requires some extra money if you are planning on using taxis. You can always observe and search for alternative ways to get to places for a reasonable amount of money.

  • Rent a Bike

Don’t hesitate to look around for the rental system for bikes, and your problems are solved. There are available bikes throughout the city, every day of the week, 24 hours a day, in many different locations. You will need an access fee, and the fee depends on how long you used the bike. This method welcomes visitors to enjoy the attractions, and have a real experience of Tel Aviv while being on a budget.

  • Rent a Scooter

Companies that produce Electric Scooter nowadays are spreading their products all over the world. Through apps they created, people are able to rent scooters very easily, and pay by the minute with their mobile. No-one can deny that riding a scooter is fun, practical and saves you from all this city traffic you want to avoid. Unlike bikes, they don’t have to be returned to a certain station, but instead, you can place them somewhere on a side of a road! The app allows users to track the available scooters, and by downloading the app, and uploading a photo of their driver’s license, they are ready to enjoy the ride along the beach!

  • Ride the Bus

In that case, all you need is a smart card which lets you pre-load all of your bus tickets! You are lucky because this card exists, and it is called Rav Kav. An affordable choice for using the bus for transportation in the city, which you can purchase from any service point in the city, or a central bus station, just by showing your passport!

Food Guide

Picking the right place to eat in Tel Aviv demands some research. Keep on reading so you know where the best affordable local cuisine is.

  • Grab and Go Meals

Local street food is always a preferred option for an individual on a budget, while, at the same time, is full of flavors and easily found. One of the most delicious plates of fresh hummus can be found in Tel Aviv and Jaffa. Another remarkable fast food meal is Sabich, pitas filled with egg, potato, tahini and eggplant. Another alternative is fresh falafel or shawarma. One of these meals can get you through a day of sightseeing around the city.

  • Carmel Market

A location worth mentioning is Carmel Market in which street food, clothing, accessories, homeware etc. can be found. Among those locally crafted goods, the city’s best restaurants and bars are also there, in the market, where you can also try local cheese, freshly squeezed juices and sweet treats. Carmel Market is the perfect place for purchasing a handmade gift for someone special. This market provides with anything a person would ask for, in very low prices, and adds an aesthetic to the city every tourist would want to see.

Tons of tours, activities, and things to do

When traveling to a new place, it is obvious and totally expected that you are going to loose time organizing the trip, and finding the best deals for you. Well that is a problem easily solved, with local tour guides that can get you in touch with architecture, food and art. You can choose where to go according to your likings, from the best recommended options! This way, you can save time to revisit a favorite place, an option that a few have while traveling. These tours can be booked for a day, or even multi-day, and give you the opportunity to add an amazing experience of the city.

Destinations to Add onto a Trip to Tel Aviv

In the scenario in which you seen Tel Aviv but are curious of what the rest of the country is like, we suggest you use guided day tours. This will save you from the expenses of renting a car, or from the inconvenient of driving in the country. These day tours and tour packages are inexpensive, and they can straight up show you the worth seeing attractions in Israel. It is an easy way of saving time and money, and getting the full picture of the country.

Even in a city as expensive as Tel Aviv, there are creative ways that allow anyone to visit any country, without breaking the bank. Go through our tips and find out how low the price range for Tel Aviv can be!

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