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Get to know Masada, an architectural marvel

Masada is a place of great importance in history, its geographical location is incredible, close to the Dead Sea. From ancient times to the present day, Masada is a touristic and archeological place of great importance, not only in Israel but in the world. Many people visit it to contemplate it and learn about the history of this wonderful place.

Masada is considered a humanity heritage site. It is a fortress where many Israeli and Roman soldiers died in the ancient Jewish-Roman war. Masada is definitely a very ancient architectural wonder that remains relatively in its original state.

A little of Masada’s history

Let’s make a short review of Masada in Israel. The history of this place goes back many years, to when King Herod decides to create a fortress in order to have a military refuge for his soldiers. Masada was inhabited by a large number of Jewish soldiers at the beginning of the war against Rome. Since its construction, many historical events have occurred in this place.

Masada is a fortress built on a highland overlooking the Dead Sea, its architecture is impressive. With the time Masada has deteriorated a little, it has been necessary to rebuild some parts of the fortress, but thanks to the work of lovers of ancient sites, it is very well preserved. When you visit Masada you will be able to witness its original form in all its splendor.

With the passing of time, Masada has not only become an archaeological and tourist site, but also a symbolic place. Today many soldiers are sworn in Masada to honor all the brave people who fought to defend their nation and to follow their legacy.

Masada, an ideal place for tourism

Masada is one of the most touristic places in Israel. It is visited by many tourists who want to get to know the greatness and history of this place. You can get to Masada by cable car, but to appreciate up close what Masada shows it is better to make a pleasant journey walking. Any of the options are done with a tour guide who provides tourists with all the history and information about Masada.

Masada should be part of the itinerary when visiting Israel. In this place, you can witness incredible landscapes, an ancient panorama that reflects an important part of the history of humanity. You can also contemplate the breath-taking Dead Sea, which is, fortunately, part of Masada’s geography and location. Masada has a magical and unique beauty. When the sun begins to rise, you will see the wonderful landscape, with the sunlight dancing through the desert in the highland where Masada is located.

To visit Masada, there are good and diverse tours, you can go independently or in a group, you only need to find the option you like the most. You will undoubtedly have one of the greatest experiences of your life.

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