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Free Things to Do in The Old City of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world which bondes old and new in the best way. This article is aimed to discover for you Jerusalem main attractions, must visit places and even things to do in Jerusalem for free. So, let’s explore the Old City of Jerusalem together.

Magnificent history and culture is almost everywhere you look in Jerusalem and there is an amazing fact about visiting Jerusalem Old City – Jerusalem’s main attractions are not very expensive and most of them are free.

It’s advised to start your trip with a walking tour in each quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem – Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Armenian and to discover the uniquness of each quarter..

Afterwards visit the Western Wall, a place which attracts millions of prayers every year who shove hand- written notes to God into the spaces of the wall.

In your things to do in Jerusalem list you should consider visiting Temple Mount and exploring the Dome of the Rock.

When you are in the Old City of Jerusalem, walk to the eastern side, go down into the Valley of Kidron and back up onto the Mount of Olives. Here you will be amazed by the view and the churches that adorn the mountain.

If you are a real traveler you should take a guided tour in Jerusalem, the “City of Gold.”

Don’t forget to visit the Church of the Sepulcher in the old city of Jerusalem.

And at last, your trip will be incomplete without visiting the shuk and enjoying in the smells of the bustling marketplace.

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