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Free Things to do in Jerusalem

There’s no argument about Jerusalem being a great tourist destination. The “Holy City“, not only bears spiritual significance for almost all major religious sects, but it also holds several historical monuments and archeological relics, and nature reserves. The city also has an incredible history behind it and despite the modern changes to the landscape, Jerusalem remains cosmopolitan. You’ll encounter the local culture everywhere you turn to. However, many persons have shied away from the Jerusalem experience because of the cost implications, but visiting Jerusalem doesn’t have to require so much funds. Here’s a long list of free activities to explore while in the city.

Things to Do for Free in the Old City

  • Take a walk through each of the districts in Old Jerusalem – Christian, Muslim, Jewish, and Armenian – and, you’ll be reliving history without any cost. Just explore the quarters and go your way.
  • Stop by the Western Wall otherwise called the “Wailing Wall”, and is all that is left of the temple built by Herod the Great. If you’re religious, offer your prayers at the site and drop the paper containing your prayer request in the crevices in the wall.
  • Visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the site of Jesus’ final moments on earth. The emotions it evokes even for a non-religious person is worth the visit no to talk of the amazing architecture and beautiful wall paintings.
  • Go up to the Temple Mount and tour the Dome of the Rock. Note that the Temple is inaccessible to the public on Friday and Saturday and the Dome is out of bounds for Non-Muslims.
  • Stroll through the marketplace and relish the scents and views of customers as they haggle prices with sellers in this lively market.
  • Take the route out of Old City on the Eastern flank, pass through the Valley of Kidron, and then climb up along the slopes of the Mount of Olives. As you move higher up the mountain slope, let your eyes roam on the surrounding towns below and behold the stunning scenery. Drop by the churches that are on the mountain.

Things to Do for Free in the New City

  • Explore the Yad Vashem and you won’t remain the same again. Explore the sections of this museum and get a closer view of the fate of Jews in the Holocaust.
  • Take strolls in the Hebrew University’s Botanical gardens and then through the green Givat Ram Campus. Sit side by side with nature and draw in the scent from the flowers.
  • Take a walk through the Machane Yehuda Market, one of the most colorful and vibrant marks in the country and sitting at the center of New Jerusalem. Pass by the stalls and feed your eyes on the souvenirs, fresh food produce, and restaurants that line the walkways. You may be lucky to get free tasting samples from vendors, who are on the lookout for prospective customers.
  • Explore Nachlaot on foot. On Saturday mornings, this is a fascinating neighborhood to walk by as the mellifluous song chants from the different synagogues in the neighborhoods hit your ears.
  • On Fridays, the Bazael Arts Fair in the heart of the new city is open. Don’t miss the opportunity to feed your eyes on an array of artworks that are on display. Try to strike a bargain for any of the works that catch your eye, you never know.
  • Take a trip southwards to Haas Promenade and bask in the beautiful view of the Old and New City of Jerusalem.
  • Take a trip to the Cinematheque. There, trek along the Old Railway route through the German Colony and Baka neighborhoods. Tour the magnificent avenues of the German Colony and return to the center of the city.
  • Visit the Mamilla Mall, constructed in a downtown metropolis of the city. Your the stores in the mall and maybe, stop by a few stalls there for a bit of window shopping.

Things to Do for Free in Around Town

  • Outside the city, just some distance away from the heart of the city, there are enough expeditions to keep you busy.
  • Head out of the city, some minutes away from the central region of the city and you’ll arrive at Ein Kerem. Walk through the streets of this place, relish the serenity and stop by the popular churches in the city.
  • Take a trip to Sataf and enjoy the green scenery in the hills. There are agelong paths created by farmers long ago, hike along these paths as you listen to the birds’ chirp and the cool breeze of nature hits you.
  • Travel east to reach the Judean Desert, walk along the stream at the beautiful Wadi Qelt.

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