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Famous Historical Landmarks in Israel

The State of Israel holds thousands of years of history within its borders, from archaeological sites to historic landmarks, from major cities to the southern deserts there is always something to be discovered. Travelling to Israel as a tourist means enjoying the sanctimony of biblical sites, basking in the glory of excavated cities from a bygone era and soaking in the beauty of magnificent monuments.

Places of Historic Importance for Jewish

Making your way to Israel is a rite of passage for most Jewish people. Delving into their heritage and enjoying the Jewish Promised Land. There are many places of great historic and spiritual importance to visit, some include areas where biblical battles had taken place, beautiful and significant synagogues, and archaeological sites of ancient cities.

Christain Points of Interest

Israel is home to many biblically significant sites so the interest also falls onto those who follow the Christain faith. Walking along the streets in both New and Old Jerusalem where Jesus himself may have walked is truly a spiritual experience that cannot be rivalled for any Christian. If that wasn’t enough you can join a Sea of Galilee, Cana, Magdala & Mt. of Beatitudes tour where you experience the places where Jesus travelled and gave ministry.
Israel is the ultimate destination for any Christian and offers unparalleled spiritual experiences for any pilgrim.

Sightseeing for Muslims

Israel’s history is also intertwined with that of Islam, where powerful and culturally important Muslim dynasties have left behind amazing marvels such as the city walls in Old Jerusalem. When you take a Jerusalem Temple Mount & Dome of the Rock tour you get to experience some of Islam’s most spirtually important places. Jerusalem is the third most holy city in the Isalmic faith and is associated with the wondrous Night Journey taken by Prophet Mohammed. Israel’s historical significance for those of the Islamic faith cannot be understated and is a must see for any Muslim.

Israel is Life-Changing Destination

Israel’s history places it firm into the middle of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith. This is a cannot-be-skipped destination for pilgrims of any of these faiths as well as history buffs who can marvel at the antiquity and beauty of historical artefacts and sacred places that have been preserved for thousands of years. Jewish people can connect to their heritage, Christians can embark on paths walked by Christ, and Muslims can visit the Temple Mount where the Prophet Mohammed had once been.

A trip to Israel is a life-changing experience that should not be missed.

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