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Famous Archaeological Sites in Jerusalem

Israel has an extensive and fascinating history covering over 4,000 years, so it’s no wonder that the land is rich with stunning and impressive historical sites. Each of these locations transports visitors back in time to get a glimpse of the Holy Land through the ages. This history includes Ottoman, Byzantine, Roman, and Crusader periods, which can be experienced through numerous holy sites, structures, and ancient artifacts. The best way to experience the true might of Jerusalem’s history is through guided tours. There is a wealth of history to explore in Jerusalem. Here are just a few of the most famous sites that show off Jerusalem’s vivid history.

Temple Mount

Easily the most famous location, this site is an important religious site for Muslims and Jews alike. For Muslims, it is where the prophet Mohammed ascended towards Mecca, whereas, for Jews, it marks the spot where Abraham gave his child to God. Entering through the Old City’s Mughrabi Gate, visitors can marvel at the sheer variety of ancient structures that this place holds. A guided tour of Temple Mount is highly recommended. Please note the Dome of the Rock is accessible for Muslims only.

Western Wall and Western Wall Tunnels

One of the most revered places in Jerusalem for Jews, the Western Wall marks the only surviving part of the Second Temple. The Wall is known as ‘Kotel’ and boasts 488-meter-long tunnels underneath it. These tunnels feature an aqueduct, vaulted arches, and lengthy corridors. A definite must-see site.

Davidson Archaeological Park

The Crusaders and Byzantines are immortalized in the structures found here, which date back to the creations of the First and Second Temple. Experience the life of dwellers in Jerusalem from two thousand years past as you walk along the streets and learn about the history from the nearby museum’s presentations.

City of David

One of the oldest places in Jerusalem, dating back to the Early Bronze era, the City has many attractions to offer. From underground tunnels to the Gihon Spring and Pool of Siloam, the City features walls built over 2000 years ago. The City of David is the best place to immerse oneself in the glory of Old Jerusalem.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

For Christians, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is the most sacred of areas in Jerusalem as it marks the place where Jesus was crucified, buried, and later resurrected. Any tourist who visits cannot help but feel in awe of the magnificent wooden doors and breathtaking interior. No matter their religion, every visitor to Jerusalem will enjoy being part of history here.


Cardo formed the main access road for citizens of both Byzantine and Roman Jerusalem. Even today, visitors are amazed at the beauty of the architecture of the partially-excavated Old City. The solid columns along the street accentuate the flagstones and exquisite design of the capitals.

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