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Exploring Megiddo

Exploring Megiddo, the Best Archaeological site In Israel

Although there are a lot of archaeological locations in Israel, Megiddo is the Most Interesting and famous among them. There are 26 levels of settlement of this site according to the archaeologists.

Making to-do list While exploring Megiddo:

  • Try to come as early as possible in the morning if you are visiting during summers because Its hard to find shade.
  • To explore the site to its full, bring a torch with you. there are some places which are dark, and you would need an external light source.
  • Bring your Water Bottle with you because the only place you going to find water will be the visitor center.
  • Visiting Water Tunnel.
  • Visiting Museum and Visitor center.
  • Visiting Gates and its surroundings.
  • Visiting Temple Comple.
  • Great Water Tunnel.

Don’t forget to visit because it is the most famous and interesting place to visit In Megiddo. The water tunnel is the only source of water for the town. According to scientists, this tunnel was made in the 12-13 century but Now after the latest excavation archaeologists say that this tunnel was made in 9th century BC. The major source of tunnel water is a spring outside town. Solomon ordered to cut the wall 2 meters wide to get access to the spring water. Later In Ahad’s era, a pipeline canal was constructed directly from the town to the spring water. The best part is was safe from enemies’ attack even in the time of war. A shaft was driven down to the depth of 60 meters from the surface, and then from there, a 120-meter long Horizontal tunnel was made through the rock to the spring.

Gates and Surroundings

Gates and its surroundings of Megiddo attract most tourists visiting it. There is a pathway with lead to the south side of the site, you would pass through the first gate, experts relate this gate to the 15th century BC. Immediately after 1st gate, you would see another gate from Solomon’s era. You can easily see three chambers on both sides of the entrance. On the south of the gates, there are many remains of the building, where archaeologists have discovered several ivories. To the east, there is a beautiful view of Galilean hills.

Museum and Visitors Center

If you visit museums at the start it would act as a self introductory thing. There is a large model of Megiddo. There also have a audio and visual presentations which tells beautifully about the town’s rich history.

Temple Complex

Looking at the current condition of the Temple complex it is hard to estimate how big and mighty the complex used to be. The eastern Temple consists of a Hallway, the main Compartment, and the Holy of hollies. On the valley side of the, there are other temples dated 4th millennium BC.


The Megiddo one of the most interesting archaeological sites in Israel. There are multiple things to see and analyze. The most important among them are the Ancient Water Tunnel, Museum and Visitor Center, Gates and its surroundings, and Temple Complex.

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