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Explore Tel Aviv – Things to see and do

Israel is a tourist destination with unique places, full of magic and history that attract the attention of many tourists, the city of Tel Aviv is one of them. Tel Aviv is located near the Mediterranean Sea. In Tel Aviv, it is a custom to make a “24 hours in Tel Aviv” visit. However, to know a little more about the city, it takes two or three days. Tel Aviv has everything for a perfect 24-hour getaway.

Tel Aviv has a very particular history. The Arab city Jaffa is a coastal region located south of Tel Aviv, according to history, Jaffa formerly was the port for the arrival of many Jews, which led to some problems and tensions, the Jews decided to build and establish themselves outside the city of Jaffa and that is how Tel Aviv was created. Of course with the passing of the years, Tel Aviv became a great city with an incredible population.

Tel Aviv, some information

Like many places in Israel, Tel Aviv is an interesting destination to visit, it is striking thanks to its architecture. The city was established in 1906 but it still retains its original state; its inhabitants have taken of maintaining and preserving its essence.

Tel Aviv is one of the largest and most populated cities in Israel. It has some very important landmarks, one of which is the so-called “white city”, this name is given to it due to the fact most of its buildings and structures are white and have remained that way since its construction. Tel Aviv has beautiful landscapes overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, you can enjoy an extraordinary climate and a unique culture.

Do you want to discover it?

To start the day: You can start the day with a fabulous sea trip to Jaffa port, where Tel Aviv was born. You will find delicious options for a good breakfast.

At noon, After enjoying the cool breeze at the port, you can continue your tour in the White City and the Carmel market. In here you will be able to witness more than four thousand Bauhaus-style constructions giving life to the White City, this place is considered a Humanity Heritage. You will also have a good time at the incredible Rothschild Boulevard and you will surely wish you had more time to visit all of their fabulous restaurants, shops and much more.

During the afternoon, Let’s go to the beach! Approximately 14 kilometers of delicious beaches to enjoy. Ayelet, Bat Yam beach and Herzliya, are just some of the options. They are all surrounded by spectacular skyscrapers. You will have an unforgettable time in the sun.

At nightfall, Tel Aviv is known as “the city that doesn’t stop”. Thi city has countless options to have a good time at night; bars, clubs, beach bars, wine bars, and if you want to see the best deejays in the world then in Tel Aviv you can find them. You can enjoy until dawn.

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