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Things You Need to Know Before You Go to Israel

Israel: the greatest Holy Land in the world. With incredible historic and contemporary significance, Israel is a must-see. Explore ancient history, discover archaeological gems, and experience the beautiful nature of the Mediterranean.

Thanks to modern infrastructure and advanced technology, traveling to Israel is easy. What are you waiting for? Check out our travellers’ guide for info on travel to Israel, as well as top travel recommendations.


Israel is a religious and culture hub. Featured in both the Bible and Quran, Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike consider Israel to be the Holy Land. Most notably, Israel is the home and birthplace of Jesus and the site from which Muhammad is believed to have ascended.


Beyond its rich history, Israel boasts a beautiful and diverse landscape including the iconic Dead Sea.


Israel can be enjoyed year-round and is hot most of the year. In the north, you’ll find a Mediterranean climate, while in the south the climate is dry and arid. If you prefer milder temperatures, we suggest visiting during the spring or autumn months. If you do enjoy the heat, the summer is a lovely time to visit and offers many festivals.


Israeli cuisine is unique and delicious. While the country does not have a universally recognized national dish, spicy falafel, hummus, and pita are traditional foods. You’ll find light meze served for many meals, as well as shakshuka and shawarma. Vegetarian? Israel is a great country for you, as locals provide dishes with and without meat. Vegans, however, may struggle as many dishes are prepared with yoghurt and cheese. Israel is also known for delicious desserts. Be sure to look for Baklava, Kadaif, and Halva. Much like those of Greece and Turkey, these desserts have spread with Jewish diaspora. You must try them!

What to See

For a small country, Israel is very diverse! With historic and cultural gems throughout and beautiful natural oases, Israel offers something for everyone.

Historic Sites

Nazareth is a beautiful old city, with Middle-Eastern charm and great religious value. The Sea of Galilee is the largest lake in the country and the site of many biblical miracles.


Beyond its history, Israel is very contemporary and is a technologically successful country. Tel Aviv is the entertainment hub of the country; with gorgeous beaches, authentic markets, and a vibrant nightlife, Tel Aviv is incredible — an ancient city that has ushered in the modern world.


Of course, you can’t go to Israel without visiting Jerusalem! The holiest city in the world, Jerusalem is the site at which countless pilgrimages took place which, arguably, are the top things to see while in Israel. Visit the historic museums to learn more about the complex history of the area and transport back in time by exploring the old city. On the Highlights of Israel and Jordan tour, you’ll have the opportunity to experience these religious hubs and much more. You’ll see multiple pilgrimage sites and natural oases, like Mount Zion and the Dead Sea, and leave with a far greater appreciation of the holy country’s immense history and religion.

What to Pack

Israel is generally hot. As such, the most important thing to remember is lightweight clothing. Even in winter, only light jackets are necessary. Pack sunscreen and a hat, although of course if you forget, you can find these items once you land.

For the religious sites, you’ll need more modest clothing that covers shoulders and knees. Bring or buy a light scarf or shawl to throw on when you need it.

So, there you have it. If Israel is the next destination on your bucket list, we hope you’re prepared and excited!

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