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Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

Ein Gedi is an ideal oasis located at the edge of the Dead Sea in the southern part of Israel near the Judean Desert. The literal meaning of Ein Gedi is “spring of the kid” (young goat)”. Eid Gedi is named so just due to its blissful streams of the spring which pass through Ein Gedi and also because of several spry goats that wander here along the cliffs. The main attraction for tourists is the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve.

Ein Gedi Nature Reserve

The national park of Ein Gedi is one of the largest oasis in Israel and one of those rare places where the streams are flowing all-round the year. This park is located lies at Kibbutz Ein Gedi over an area of 1435 hectares. There are several beautiful trails and pathways alongside the streams of Ein Gedi where visitors can walk watching cliffs and ravines on their way. There are also sprinkling waterfalls and nature enriched pools that serve as a bathing site for visitors. Ein Gedi also gives visitors the view of green vegetation, canyons, the fossils of Bronze Age temple, and caves.

There are also several endangered species f plants found in Ein Gedi. The worth watching animals in the greenery of Ein Gedi includes small rock hyrax and specie of desert goat called Nubian ibex which can even walk on cliffs vertically. Besides these two amazing animals, there are other animals too. Among them are foxes, wolves, bats, etc.

Among the four springs lying in the part, the most famous one is David Stream. This stream has a trail running beside it and by walking on this pathway visitors can visualize the beauty of several pools and natural waterfalls. Arugot Stream is also surrounded by a hiking trail where a few people are found because they have to walk through water to complete most parts of this trail. The plentiful water there is watering all the plants and trees including date trees of the desert, the thorn of jujube, milkweed of Sodorn, willow trees, and other ferns.

Bible mentioning Ein Gedi

It is thought that Ein Gedi is considered as Hazazon-Tamar in Chronicles II 20:2 which is a place of gathering of Moabites and Ammonites and to fight Josaphat King. While if we look at Genesis 14:7, then this place is considered as the settlement of Amorites. Ein Gedi is considered as a city of wilderness in Joshua while in Ezekiel, it is thought of as a village of fishing at the time when the Dead seawater becomes sweet.

The only authentic reference of the Bible is Samuel I, in which Ein Gedi is considered as the place of rest for King David while making his fore-runner, King Saul, to fled away. In Psalm 63, Ein Gedi is mentioned again as the place of wilderness for David. Ein Gedi is also referred to in many songs and Ecclesiastics.

Other Attractive sites at Ein Gedi

Close to Ein Gedi, lies Kibbutz Ein Gedi. It has a botanical garden and a guest house. The whole area of 10 hectares is covered with 900 beautiful species of plants from the entire world. Ein Gedi Field School located at Ein Gedi is the place to go at the Dead Sea for swimming and watching the Ein Gedi Synagogue lying between David and Argot Streams or one can also view the Chalcolithic-era temple from there.

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