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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Eilat

Eilat is Red Sea resort, that resides on its tiny coastline of the Red Sea between Jordan and Egypt. Discover the Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Eilat.

Underwater Observatory Marine Park

You can take a glance at the aquatic environment without getting wet. The whole underwater observatory is among Eilat’s major areas of interest for everyone who intends to see the creativity of color just below the sea surface. 100 meters offshore of the tower observatory, one can take the stairs down six meters below sea level to observe the underwater world of the Red Sea. There’s an amazing aquarium on the coast, with numerous Red Sea fish, turtles, and sharks. If you’re feel adventurous, you can take a trip on a glass-bottomed boat to view the reef further away.

Timna Park

The wonderful and beautiful national park has unreal desert landscapes and thrilling antiquity of copper mining operations. It’s widely known for its perplexing rock formations, aided by gale-force winds and rain. A very well-known among them is Solomon’s Pillars, a 50-meter high sandstone rock, engraved into pillar shapes due to erosion. Numerous steps lead the cliff to a relief portraying Pharaoh Ramses III making an offering to the goddess Hathor.

Explorations of the region from 1959 onwards have disclosed the systematic mining of copper since 3000 BC, with the Egyptians as well as the Israeli miners working in different periods. Opposite to Solomon’s Pillars is the Hill of the Slavs-a camp where the miners of the 14th and 12th centuries BC used to live. The walls of the camp and debris of the houses and workshops are still seen in this place.

Botanical Gardens

This botanical garden is a sheltered area with amidst lush plants and trees located on the hill above Eilat. It’s a perfect getaway from the blistering sun, as well as the enormous amount of greenery presents an excellent contrast with the encircling bare desert cliffs. It’s a fantastic spot to walk in the evening when abundant heat has drained away, and a great place for the kids to play.

Coral Beach Reserve

It is a prime diving and snorkeling site, where the coastal water bodies serve as a residence to a lively, fantastic world of coral and flitting fish. Divers love this amazing spot. The diving beginners are served by the dive tour agencies here. If you don’t want to submerge to the extreme depth, the reefs on the shore are sufficiently shallow for you to enjoy your excursion by snorkeling. The place also has the facility of renting out masks and goggles.

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