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Discovery of Italy

Tour Overview

There’s nothing quite like a tour of Italy. A country home to some of the most beautiful cities on Earth, Rome, Venice, Florence, and so many more, it’s a country just begging to be explored. And what better way to do it than our unforgettable guided tour. Experience the real Italy, the history, the culture, and the food, on our expertly-crafted tours of the country. Our local guides are passionate about their homeland and can’t wait to show you the ancient cities, the classic monuments, and the Renaissance art that continues to capture the imagination of the world. And of course, we can’t forget about the food and landscapes that make Italy so famous. This tour will take you to some of the most incredible places in the country.


Benvenuto! Welcome to Rome. Your driver will pick you up at the airport and transfer you to your hotel, free of charge, and will be outside your hotel at 07:45 pm to take you to Via del Teatro Marcello. From here you will receive a guided tour by one of our local experts, who will show you the beautiful Eternal City, know for its charm and romantic sunsets. Your first stop will be one of Rome’s well known neighbourhoods, known for its beauty, history and atmosphere, the Jewish Ghetto. One of Rome’s well know landmarks, Fontana Delle Tartarughe also known as the Turtle Fountain, can be found in Piazza Mattei. Your next stop will take you to Piazza Della Rotonda, home to the only Roman temple untouched throughout the centuries, the Pantheon. The Pantheon was a former temple of Marcus Agrippa which got converted into a church, and is now frequently enjoyed by tourists which makes the Pantheon’s exterior more enjoyable by night as the crowds dissipates. Our next attraction, the Trevi Fountain known for its beauty and Instagram friendly pictures carry more than just looks but also a tradition, by closing your eyes and throwing a coin over your right shoulder into the fountain you are said to be granted access back to Rome someday. Our journey will than take us to Rome’s most famous square, Piazzadi Spagna, located at the foot of the Spanish Steps. Climbing these stairs, is not an easy feat but it’s worth it for the gorgeous view and the perfectly Gelato, free of charge, waiting for you at the top of the stairs. It is here that we leave you to relax and enjoy the rest of your evening and when ready you’ll return to the hotel on your own to prepare for tomorrows adventure.

Your day will start at 07:15 am, when our deluxe coach picks you up outside the hotel to transport you to a tiny remote town built in the Middle Ages, by the name of Assisi. Here you will get to explore the fortified town on your own and at your own pace. We recommend visiting the basilica of St. Francis which houses masterpieces by both Giotto and Cimabue. You will be responsible for lunch which is not included. Board on the bus to reach Siena, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, famous for its historical horse race, the Palio, around Piazza del Campo, Siena’s shell-shaped town square. Finally, todays adventure takes you to Florence where you will check in at your hotel, eat dinner and rest, ready to tackle the next day.

Following breakfast you’ll have the whole day to explore Florence, also know as the “Cradle of Renaissance”, due to Michelangelo work which took Italian art to new hights. According to Etruscan-Roman origins, Florence flourished in the Middle Ages as a free “commune” but wasn’t refined until the Renaissance. While in Florence you’ll experience monuments and churches wherever you turn your eye, one such example is Santa Maria del Fiore, also known as the Duomo due to its dome like structure by Filippo Brunelleschi. You shouldn’t forget to visit the Campanile tower, in part designed by Giotto, and the Baptistery, known for its bronze doors or Gates of Paradise as Michelangelo referred to them. You will find Piazza della Signoria, Palazzo della Signoria or Palazzo Vecchio and the Basilica of Santa Croce all in the center of Florence. While here, lunch in a Tuscan restaurant and spend the afternoon exploring the cobbled streets of Florence or enjoy a short trip on your own to Pisa. In Pisa, which is one of the main four historical Marine Republics of Italy, you can explore the Piazza dei Miracoli, the Baptistery and of course you can’t forget the leaning tower of Pisa. You’ll enjoy dinner at your own leisure and spend the night in Florence.

After breakfast in Florence you’ll be heading to Bologna. While there you will be able to enjoy its porticos and it’s shopping streets, conveniently located in the city’s central square, Piazza Malpighi. From here you will visit both Piazza del Nettuno and Piazza Maggiore (Neptune square and Major square), followed by King Renzo’s Palace, Palazzo Podestà and the basilica of San Petronio, know as one of the biggest of its kind. Bologna isn’t just filled with exotic views but is also the place to visit to try Italy’s delicacies, don’t miss a tasty meal at your own leisure. Come afternoon, you’ll be heading towards Padova, home to one of the most frequently visited catholic churches, the basilica of Sant’Antìoco. After that You’ll arrive in Venice: the City of Love, one of the most romantic cities of the whole world and, undoubtedly the most beautiful city built by man, where you’ll enjoy dinner and spend the night at your hotel.

Following breakfast, you’ll be transferred to Piazza San Marco to visit of Venice’s most beautiful attractions. This includes, the Palazzo dei Dogi, a triumph of the floating city, and the iconic Bridge of Sighs. After this walking tour, let us offer you a spritz or a prosecco to crown your visit to Venice highlights with the company of your tour leader. The afternoon is yours to explore Venice on your own to later return to spend the night at your hotel.

After breakfast, you will depart from Piazzale Roma in order to head to Tuscany, a region well-known for its gorgeous landscapes, plethora of churches and castles, and we cannot forget about its delicious wines. You will travel to Val di Chiana and along the way make a stop in a quaint medieval town known as Montepulciano. A town with a lot of history and art and renowned for its Nobile wine which can be purchased in the local wine houses. In July, Montepulciano hosts a Jazz and wine Festival, frequented by many every year. We offer lunch in a local restaurant before a quick stop for some leisure on your own. In the evening, you will arrive back in Rome and check in to your hotel.

After breakfast, between 07:45 – 08:00 am, you will be transferred from the hotel start our included tour with exclusive “skip-the-line access” which begins with the Vatican Museums. You’ll be guided to one of the most refined art collections you’ll find. Here you’ll experience astonishing galleries of tapestries and maps before ending up in Raphael’s rooms. Our next stop takes us to an iconic masterpiece, the Sistine Chapel and finally our tour ends at St. Peter’s Square home to one of the world’s biggest churches, St. Peter’s Basilica. You’ll have the afternoon to do as you please, whether that means exploring the city or enjoying free time before heading to bed.

After breakfast, You will depart for the airport to conclude our adventure. Arrivederci! And we hope to see you again.


We use a variety of hotels in each destination, so you may stay in a hotel different to that listed here. Hotels are selected closer to departure date; you will receive a confirmed list prior to your departure date.

4 Star Hotel: St. Martin Or Similar

4 Star Hotel: Raffaello Or Similar

4 Star Hotel: Delfino Or Similar

Dates & Prices

Prices shown are per person in USD ($). Take a look at your options below:

Start Date / End DateDouble RoomTriple RoomSingle Room
08/01/2023 – 15/01/2023$1,352$1,342$1,842
22/01/2023 – 29/01/2023$1,352$1,342$1,842
05/02/2023 – 12/02/2023$1,352$1,342$1,842
19/02/2023 – 26/02/2023$1,352$1,342$1,842
05/03/2023 – 12/03/2023$1,352$1,342$1,842
26/03/2023 – 02/04/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
09/04/2023 – 16/04/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
16/04/2023 – 23/04/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
23/04/2023 – 30/04/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
30/04/2023 – 07/05/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
05/05/2023 – 12/05/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
07/05/2023 – 14/05/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
12/05/2023 – 19/05/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
19/05/2023 – 26/05/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
21/05/2023 – 28/05/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
26/05/2023 – 02/06/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
28/05/2023 – 04/06/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
02/06/2023 – 09/06/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
04/06/2023 – 11/06/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
09/06/2023 – 16/06/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
11/06/2023 – 18/06/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
16/06/2023 – 23/06/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
18/06/2023 – 25/06/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
23/06/2023 – 30/06/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
25/06/2023 – 02/07/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
30/06/2023 – 07/07/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
02/07/2023 – 09/07/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
07/07/2023 – 14/07/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
09/07/2023 – 16/07/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
14/07/2023 – 21/07/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
16/07/2023 – 23/07/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
21/07/2023 – 28/07/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
28/07/2023 – 04/08/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
30/07/2023 – 06/08/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
04/08/2023 – 11/08/2023$1,592$1,586$2,184
06/08/2023 – 13/08/2023$1,592$1,586$2,184
11/08/2023 – 18/08/2023$1,592$1,586$2,184
13/08/2023 – 20/08/2023$1,592$1,586$2,184
18/08/2023 – 25/08/2023$1,592$1,586$2,184
20/08/2023 – 27/08/2023$1,592$1,586$2,184
25/08/2023 – 01/09/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
27/08/2023 – 03/09/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
01/09/2023 – 08/09/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
03/09/2023 – 10/09/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
08/09/2023 – 15/09/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
10/09/2023 – 17/09/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
15/09/2023 – 22/09/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
22/09/2023 – 29/09/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
24/09/2023 – 01/10/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
29/09/2023 – 06/10/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
01/10/2023 – 08/10/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
06/10/2023 – 13/10/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
08/10/2023 – 15/10/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
13/10/2023 – 20/10/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
15/10/2023 – 22/10/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
20/10/2023 – 27/10/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
22/10/2023 – 29/10/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369
27/10/2023 – 03/11/2023$1,703$1,693$2,369

Additional Information


  • 7 Nights hotel accommodation in Florence, Venice and Rome 4 Star Hotels


  • Traditional tuscan lunch in Montepulciano
  • Visit also Assisi, Siena, Bologna, Padua, Tuscany Wine Region
  • Tour of Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s basilica (with our exclusive “Skip the Line”)


  • 7 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches, 2 Dinners

Not Included

  • Drinks on meals
  • Transfer from/to meeting point for excursions, when not explicitly indicated
  • Transfer from/to stations unless differently indicated
  • Porterage at airport
  • Tipping for guide, driver and hotel staff
  • Any Insurance
  • Any Item, product or service not specifically listed under Included
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