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Caesarea Tours, All You Need To Know

From ancient harbor ruins to picturesque beaches, explore the glorious site of Caesarea. The Roman, Byzantine, and Crusader ruins in Caesarea are intriguing for every history buff. Located by the picturesque Mediterranean Coast in Israel, Caesarea is a blend of historical ruins and modern-day architecture. This well-restored archaeological site has an interesting array of excavations from the days of King Herod and the Romans to the Crusader period. The classical Roman Amphitheater that was built over 2000 years ago continues to host modern-day concerts featuring some of the best local and international artists. It can seat over 3,700 people and is one of the best venues in Israel for events. Stroll by the streets of the old city where you can enjoy some window shopping and savor the local cuisine at the eateries.

Being one of the most magnificent archaeological sites in the world, Caesarea National Park is a wonderland of attractions. Take a stroll by the marvelous historic ruins of sculptures, inscriptions, and pillars that were unearthed during the several excavations that took place here. One of the other prominent spots in Caesarea National Park are the remains of Herod’s Palace. Situated by the sparkling Mediterranean ‎Sea, you can still see the large hall and passageways of the marvelous structure that once existed.

The city is the perfect blend of old and modern lifestyle, your trip to Caesarea will not be complete without exploring the new town. The modern city of Caesarea is located right outside the national park by the pristine Aquaduct Beach. The calm and quiet beaches feature an ancient aqueduct giving the beaches a picturesque framework.

This luxurious neighborhood is home to the well-to-do community of Caesarea and has the most stunning views of the best beaches in Israel. Although Caesarea is just 45 minutes away from Tel Aviv and 20 minutes away from Haifa, traveling to Caesarea without a car at your disposal might not be an easy task. You’ll need a knowledgeable tour guide to take you around the historical city.

Ralli Museum is another key attraction of this gorgeous historical city. Caesarea is also home to one of four museums supported by the famous philanthropist Harry Recanati. Featuring Latin American and Sephardic Jewish artwork, this museum is a must-visit for every art lover. It’s your opportunity to adore the contemporary art on display and learn more about the golden age of Spanish. If you are a golf fanatic, Caesarea Golf Club re-designed by Pete Dye is the only golf course in Israel. This is the venue for Maccabi Games, the Jewish Olympics which is hosted after every four years.

After a long day of sightseeing and touring Caesarea, settle down for a sumptuous meal at the some of the finest restaurants by the Harbor. Whether you are seeking seafood or continental, you can choose from a wide range of meal options and cuisines. Relish your meal in one of the restored ancient buildings that are now converted into restaurants, with a stunning background of the Mediterranean Sea.

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