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City of David, Jerusalem

Jerusalem as a whole is often referred to as the City of David. Still, the real truth is that this title goes to the original Jerusalem settlement that’s now beneath the modern town of Jerusalem. That is cross the road from the walls of the Temple Mount and the Old City.

History of the City of David

Jerusalem is the place where King David arrived over 3.000 years ago. Back then, the city was only a hilltop, and he said that’s the place they will build a city as the capital of the unified tribes of entire Israel. In time, Jerusalem has developed so much, yet the original settlement has been destroyed, rebuilt, conquered, and settled many times. This city has been buried beneath the new Jerusalem, and it remained hidden until archaeologists excavated it in 1860. The excavations are still work in progress, and they will continue at least until 2020.

Touring the City of David

Tourists can see the City of David that has a long history of about 3.800 years with a 3D movie. This incredible tour will take you through this fascinating city history using excavated artifacts and several structures from various periods. By taking a walk through the site, you get the opportunity to see some ancient excavated structures that include David’s palace.

Water Systems of the City of David

You can even tour the 533m-long Hezekiah’s Tunnel that has once brought water from the Gihon Spring to Jerusalem’s Pool of Siloam. This tunnel is mentioned in Kings II 20:20, where it is said that it was carved out of rock in about the 8th century BC even during the reign of King Hezekiah. This magnificent work is nothing short than a wonder of engineering that uses the natural graduation of the land to convey water. This water system has served the city for 1000 years, even during hard times of siege and war.

Back in 1867, Cpt. Charles Warren discovered that a couple of meters inside the tunnel from Gihon Springs, it intersected with various tunnels. To the left, you can see Hezekiah’s Tunnel flowing to Siloam Pool while to the right, a shorter tunnel leads to the vertical shaft that connects to other tubes. This system has later been named Warren’s Shaft.

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