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Christmas in Bethlehem

Celebrating Christmas in Bethlehem is a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. With exuberant festivities that exude warmth and a great communal vibe, the historic city provides tourists and locals with a magical backdrop that is hard to beat.

During December, the Old City of Bethlehem is transformed into an enchanting landscape with beautiful Christmas trees. The buildings are festooned with tinsel and ornaments, and enchanting lights that adorn the streets in and around Manger Square, which is the pulsating heart of this beautiful and historic town.

An Array of Celebrations

In addition to visiting the Church of Nativity where Jesus was born and several other historical sites, which boast hallowed ground, one can take part in the myriad of celebrations that paint the city with colour and a joie-de-vivre second to none.

  • Processions and Fireworks – Since Bethlehem represents a profound religious significance to several denominations of Christianity, Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Protestant, Armenian and even Ethiopian processions pass through Manger Square. Many of these end up in Shepard’s Field, the place synonymous with the Star of Nativity, where an angel appeared to the shepherds. With carol singing and firework displays, the city comes to life in a burst of song, color, and lights, which forms a vibrant backdrop for people of all ages.
  • Unparalleled Christmas Eve Celebrations – There is a true harmony among faiths when throngs of Christians travel from all around the world to attend Christmas Eve mass at the ancient grotto – The Church of Nativity, where tradition says Jesus was born. And the crowds spill out into Manger Square just outside the church. The energy is nothing short of electric.
  • Epiphany Celebrations – Celebrated 12 days after Christmas, the Feast of The Three Kings takes place on January 6th. While Catholics head on over to Saint Catherine’s Church in Bethlehem, other dominations have their own special churches where services are held. Whether you’re attending a service, dining on a Christmas banquet or taking a tour, the festive spirit stays alive and kicking, well into the New Year.

Christmas in Bethlehem is a unique time that brings together an ethnically diverse mix of visitors, who come to partake in the festive vibe of this breathtaking historical place. So if you ever wanted to visit the city, there’s no other better time to do so.

As an enriching experience that creates unforgettable memories, it is an opportunity no tourist should ever miss.

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