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Five Best Christian Tours of Jerusalem

Israel is home to many religious and historical sites relevant to Christianity. Israel is the land where Jesus Christ was believed to have spent his life. Jerusalem is known as the spiritual capital to three monotheistic religions. To relive the history and explore the places marked in history is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Here’s the most unique set of Christian tours of Jerusalem. From scenic places to holy landmarks, experience the best of Jerusalem tours.

Old City of Jerusalem: Start exploring Jerusalem from the heart of its city. There are four quarters to the old city of Jerusalem. The Christian Quarter has about 40 holy sites relevant to Christianity. Constructed skillfully around the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, this is one considered to be the epicenter of the religion in Jerusalem as per the Biblical reference. This is considered to be the site where Jesus was crucified and buried.

Via Dolorosa: Considered to be one of the most sacred destinations in Jerusalem, Via Dolorosa is literally translated as ‘the sorrowful way’. Going by the Biblical significance, Via Dolorosa is considered to be the path in Jerusalem taken by Jesus Christ on the day of his crucifixion. Good Friday and Easter Sundays are usually crowded here, and you’ll witness many processions marking the lord’s journey.

Mount Zion: Many Biblical events is set to have occurred at Mount Zion. It is also known as the highest point of ancient Jerusalem that is set to have witnessed the Last Supper of Jesus. The last supper room is located in the room above King David’s tomb. Apart from that Church of St Peter in Gallicantu located on Mount Zion is said to be where Jesus is said to have met the high priest Caiaphas. Also, the Church of the Dormition located on Mount Zion is where the Biblical event of “falling asleep” of the Virgin Mary is said to have taken place.

Garden of Gethsemane: Located at the foothills of the Mount of Olives, this gorgeous garden is filled with olive trees. This is said to be the garden were Jesus resided on the night of his betrayal and after the Last Supper. Those ancient olive trees have been in existence in the last 2000 years and would have borne witness to his arrest.

Dominus Flevit Church: This beautiful Roman Catholic church located on the Western slopes of the Mount of Olives is said to have witnessed Jesus crying over the future of Jerusalem. Jesus predicted and wept over the future destruction of the city, which occurred nearly 40 years within his prophecy. Several archeological excavations have taken place here which has led to the discovery of a first century cemetery and many other rich findings. This unique church is shaped the form of a tear drop.

While these are just five of the best Christian tours that you can include in your travel itinerary of Jerusalem, there are more you can consider. There are several ancient monasteries that you can venture out too.

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