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Belgium Tour Packages & Travel Guide

If you’re looking for a unique European getaway that offers stunning architecture, rich history and culture, gorgeous natural scenery, and a thriving food scene (not to mention some of the world’s finest beer), look no further than Belgium!

Tucked between France, Germany, and the Netherlands, this country packs everything from ornate cathedrals and fairy-tale cobblestone streets to lush gardens and idyllic natural preserves into a small package.

Join us for a coach holiday in Belgium and experience the best of this European gem.

Browse our array of options – from short getaways to luxury packages and motorsport adventures to holiday celebrations – and discover why Belgium is the perfect destination for your next trip.

The multicultural capital city of Brussels combines majestic architecture with a wealth of contemporary art galleries. Nearby, the port city of Antwerp boasts museums dedicated to everything from chocolate to diamonds.

On the northwestern coast, medieval churches dominate the skyline of beautiful Bruges, known for its cobbled streets, whitewashed almshouses, bustling market squares, and network of historic canals. Ghent is renowned for its flower markets, imposing medieval buildings, and historic churches filled with artistic masterpieces.

On the coast, Ostend’s gorgeous beaches are a favorite summer destination for tourists and locals alike. Step away from the most popular tourist destinations, and you’ll find peaceful river valleys, centuries-old citadels, and charming historic cities like Dinant and Namur. Along with incredible architecture, spectacular natural scenery, and art, Belgium will delight foodies, chocolate lovers, and beer connoisseurs with its divine culinary delicacies and world-renowned breweries. The beer culture here is an integral part of the country’s identity—in fact, it’s included on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

Belgium is also among the top chocolate-producing countries in the world, and Brussels boasts dozens of chocolate shops that feature an array of luxurious treats.

To help you make the most of your time in this beautiful and welcoming country, we’ve crafted itineraries that capture the best destinations, finest food and drink, and most unique experiences Belgium has to offer.

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